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Sugarhill Boutique OutletSydney Street, BN1 4EN, +441273 911959

Recently as many of you know I made a little visit to Brighton and ever since my return, I have a longing to go back and reminisce, I just love it ever so much! One of the many things that I so enjoyed was of course the shopping and it truly is like nowhere else. I am currently working my way through updating my Brighton Shopping Guide but until I have completed that post, let me show you around one of my favourites shops. 

Many of you will know of the wonderful brand called Sugarhill Boutique whose signature cute fabric prints are totally swoon-worthy and it's no surprise their designs pop up of many a lovely fashion blog! Well, knowing they were a Brighton based brand, I had heard there was an outlet shop in the heart of North Laine so of course I just couldn't go to Brighton without visiting. This place is truly magical for the biggest Sugarhill fan. Here you can snap up a gorgeous Sugarhill item for as little as just £10 and it's tempting to spend all your pennies, trust me!! There's a mixture of quite old and yet quite a bit of current stock too and I think, like all outlets, every visit you'll find something different. If you live in or around Brighton that's very good because you'll snap up things as soon as they hit the rails, however for those like me who don't live near Brighton, my only problem is finding things in my size. I literally fell in love with every single thing however couldn't get much as 80% did not fit. Major sad face BUT this place is still truly wonderful and I would highly recommend you all visit because you never know you might just find that Sugarhill item you've been lusting after forever. My only advice? Don't leave without it because another lucky girl will snap it up!

If like me you're not near Brighton check out the Sugarhill sale here or visit the outlet Facebook page right here where you'll find exclusive news and discounts. Another gem I found is the Sugarhill Hill outlet boutique on ebay right over here.

So, happy Sugarhill shopping my lovelies! Has anyone ever been to this shop and if so, what have you found there? Another thing I forgot to add was how much I loved the decor! Complete with a cute nautical chair, paper pom-poms and a wall of lovely, lovely bloggers which I thought was such a sweet touch! So, yes you eager readers will spot gorgeous Dunya from Dearest Deer and the oh-so-stylish Olivia from What Olivia Did.

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  1. I wish I had found this article before I went to Brighton. It looks like this shop has some seriously cute stuff at reasonable prices. I hope I come across this when I next go to Brighton.
    Love Gem X

  2. I love Sugarhill Boutique so much!! Wishing I were in the UK.

    xox Sammi

  3. I love Sugarhill Boutique...what a lovely shop x


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