Day In The Life: My Weekend

001111093037207210010029 (2) So don’t hate me but….but…I don’t have a DIY for today *hides*. Well, I do, I have many, but I need to edit them a little to make sense and I haven’t quite had time to do that yet but tomorrow, promise! In the meantime I thought I would post a few photos from my weekend. It has gone so incredibly quickly I can’t believe it but it’s lovely to look back sometimes at what you have done.

Whilst the weather has not been as gloriously hot as in previous weeks I still make regular trips to the beach because I use it as my time to unwind and focus and plan. You know what’s funny though? I’m a beach girl only by location but I don’t sunbathe…and I don’t swim in the sea…well hardly, BUT I do go and sit dosed in SPF 50 and sit quietly and plan and plan and plan. I adore it. I found this wonderful journal in a book shop in Brighton and I just love it as by nature I’m not a planner I just live out all errands in life in a very chaotic dis-organised matter but when you start a business you are kind of forced to stop and plan. Oh and sometimes you find funny old creatures at the beach, especially in quieter periods like this little crab!

After the beach I’m always tempted to get a cupcake and I always, always go to Lulubelles Cakes and currently they have 3 limited edition summery ice cream inspired flavours: the whipped cream flake 99, Fab and Twister. They are truly every bit amazing as they sound I assure you! I got some for my family to indulge in too!

Finally I managed to create, edit and upload a DIY video which is always such an achievement to me and my family and I had a country road trip for a good ol’ sunday roast.

I hope you liked this little day in the life post and I’d absolutely love to know what you all did this weekend too? Please tell me in the comments! On a final note if you could spare a minute to vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards here on page 7 it would mean so, so much ♥.



  1. Mmm so much food! Looks like you had a good weekend ((:
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. Aww yes it was so lovely and always good when there's lovely food too ;) xoxo


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