30 Day Snap Day #30: Shopping in Brighton

sugarhill boutique outlet brighton

Yesterday in my 30 Day Snap you might have seen that I was in Brighton for a photo shoot and so I decided to make a weekend of it and stay on an extra day. I have been longing to go back to Brighton for the longest time and I really wanted to of course check out the wonderful shops! Brighton shopping truly is the most amazing shopping experience and I truly feel that I have grasped the scale of it now and all the little areas. A few years ago I visited Brighton and created a shopping guide which is here but it's massively out of date  (like two years out of date, jeez!), has awful photos and just needs so much more added so I'm really excited to do that. I have a back log of shopping guides to get up and this has definitely become one of my favourite things to blog about. The above photo is from the Sugarhill Boutique outlet (you can imagine how amazing this is!).

Did you all have a lovely weekend? What did you all get up to today? I'd love to see in photo form if you're also doing Louise's 30 day snap project.

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