What's In My Weekend Travel Bag

disaster designs paper plane weekend bag
what's in my weekend travel bag
what's in my travel bag
packing for a weekend away
what's in my bag
what's in my beauty bag
what's in my make up bag
travel make up bag
Ever since I left school I have spent years living out of little weekend travel bags travelling for internships, visiting family and friends and University where I half commuted. What with the glorious sun the UK is now enjoying I think so many of us will now think about little weekend break adventures, and so a 'what's in my weekend travel bag' post seemed kind of relevant!

Above is the amount of stuff I would take for say a night or two away and everything always fits perfectly in this lovely Disaster Design's Paper Plane Weekend Bag that I got from the ever so wonderful Kiki's Boutique, a magical shop in Dorset which I dedicated a whole post to right here. I adore this bag because it seems on the small side but I can get so much in. The design is beautiful and I love the little envelope pocket on the front that I store business cards and things like that. It is however getting a little worn, but hey, well traveled it is!!

Clothes & Nightwear

I pack some nightwear, maybe a dress or something light in a little drawstring bag. The one I'm currently using is from a Fearne Cotton gift I got at Christmas from Boots. It's perfect! I also pack some little slipper socks in here as you never know when you need them. I then have a little lingerie bag from Topshop that is so pretty. In here, well obvious for a lingerie bag!! I also pack tights and things like that. It fits in more than you think, but I haven't seen Topshop make this particular bag for a while, however it's incredibly easy to DIY so I may post about this in the future.


Next up is a note book and pen: essential!! I mostly doodle in here and it's full of all my daydreams rather than useful stuff, but I couldn't travel without it. I also take a travel documents folder I got from Accessorize not so long ago. They do fantastic travel accessories. This is very similar to mine and so pretty. Finally, another purse also from Accessorize with other bits and bobs stationary related.


I've said this quite a few times before but I'm really not a massive techy girl, my phone doesn't even posses the internet (I know!!) but I use my Mum's ipad frequently, especially when I travel and I love it. I'm not a massive Apple girl, but hey, I'm not an anything girl tech-wise but it's super dooper good. I use it for emails mainly and Instragram!! Then there's of course various chargers which annoyingly really weigh a bag down!

Beauty, Make Up, Hair & Misc

I'm going to write about the make up and beauty bags seperately but I always have a few purses with one having bits of jewellery in, the other hair accessories (of course ;) !), some sunglasses if needed and then a mini bag of medication.

Beauty Bag

So I'm hoping you all think this is moderately minimalist for a beauty girl, right? Basically I take my silver Betsey Johnson bag for all my beauty things and the gold B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful bag for my make up. Let's start with the beauty stuff. I pack: a deodorant (can't use those small travel ones as my skin is too darn sensitive!), cotton pads and cotton buds, Clinique UV serum, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Botanics eye make up remover, The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner, toothbrush and toothpaste, Vichy moisturiser, LUSH Charity Pot body moisturiser, Charles Worthington hair serum, L'occitane hand cream, Kiehl's SPF 50 moisturiser, TREsemme shampoo and conditioner sachet, mini LUSH soap sample (not included!), Freedem spot gel (because you never know when a pesky spot is going to arrive!), No.7 SPF 15 hand cream and finally a Taylor Swift perfume sample.

Phew!! I know that seems a lot, but I genuinely use it all! I always take sachets where I can for short stays as it seems so silly taking too many bottles, even mini size. For showering I take a mini slice of a LUSH soap as again it cuts down on bulky packaging (place it in a mini zippy bag). The only thing I think I'm a little excessive on is hand cream but that's because I have horrible eczema on my hands and I need to moisturise them every hour or so or they start to get all yucky.

Make Up Bag

Now I've tried so hard to strip my make up down and I'm left with: pressed powder, blusher, concealer, mini mascara, comb, eye shadow quad, mini primer sample, mini eye shadow primer sample, eye lash curlers, mini grooming kit, mini powder kabuki brush, MAC eye shadows (Cork for eyebrows and Vanilla for highlighting, concealing and just about everything!), liquid liner, pencil liner and a brush compact. Phew! Again, too much? I feel this is quite minimalist but hey, it's probably too much again! I suppose I could take out the liquid liner and Vanilla eye shadow at a push. I didn't include this because I used it up but I also had on me a Kiehl's SPF 50 BB cream sample that I loved. Oh and the reason there's no lip products is because I carry them in my hand bag.

For brushes I have a mini set of pink Topshop brushes (oh how I heart thee!) and some mini MAC brushes with one rogue B Never eyebrow brush thrown in for good ol' sparkly measure. What's great about this make up bag is that the brushes can go underneath so everything is lovely and compact.

Away you go!

So, do you think I am a heavy packer or light? It's so hard to tell as sometimes I'm not so sure! Here are some ye olde posts I've done in the past related to packing for travel. One from 2010, and one from 2011 with just purely beauty and make up. It's kind of odd how little has changed!

What do you travel when you go away? If you have any posts related to this I would really love to see so please link them below. Happy travels, guys!



  1. I love your bag, actually I love everything you showed ahaha! I have a wallet from Disaster Designs too and it's so cute too and vintage looking! xxx

    1. Yes Disaster Designs is such a lovely brand and so many great places stock it :) xoxo

  2. The set up you have is SO organized! I really need to get my self into this, when I'm away for a few days at christmas I just have a big jumble of clothes, jewellery and makeup in like 3 different bags..

    1. Aww thank you Jen! I used to be so chaotic when I travel but now the lighter I pack the better I feel for sure. xoxo

  3. Perfect inspiration! I'm going away this weekend overnight so you've deffo helped me out here :p great post x



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