Cutest Toothbrushes: Wisdom Individual Toothbrushes

I know this is probably the most randomnest of all blog posts but is it kind of okay to blog about toothbrushes? Before I start perhaps I should just strongly stress that this post is in no way sponsored whatsoever, and that everything has been purchased with my own money! Moreover, I am not mad, promise ;).

Cleaning your teeth is one of those rather mundane tasks you may see as a chore and not particularly the most exciting of activities, however a year or so ago now I stumbled across these rather fabulous Wisdom toothbrushes which truly grabbed my attention with their gorgeous array of differently designed handles. You can find anything from lip prints, cupcakes (don't need to feel guilty for having a sweet tooth now!), stars, flowers, stripes; all sorts! I absolutely love them and whilst they are pretty bog standard toothbrushes and aren't proper comparable to all singing-all-dancing toothbrush technlogy, I'd much rather have this in my toothbrush holder any day.

The best news of all is that a) they're a snip at just £1.99, but b) they seem to be available internationally so hopefully everyone can find themselves a jazzy toothbrush of their own. For the link to the UK site check here.

So what's your verdict: prettiness vs something perhaps a little more pratical?



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