30 Day Snap Day #22: Hayfever and Note Making

So today is IMATS and for the last 6 years I have gone without hesitation but this year I was truly and utterly defeated! Just not feeling 100% at the moment with crippling stomach pains and terrible hayfever. The latter is annoying because normally it's very manageable but seriously 2013 pollen, what has someone done to upset you, gah, awful!! My asthma is through the roof so I need to take it boring, I mean easily ;). 

Alas, apologies for the awful quality of the photo! I just used the time having to bed rest to make notes on just about everything however my notes always turn into drawings and doodles. I've never been much of a list or note taker!! 

What did you all get up to today? I'd love to see in photo form if you're also doing Louise's 30 day snap project. If any of you went to IMATS, did you have fun? Please tell me all about it!



  1. I hope that you're feeling better now :)
    I love the notebook, it's so cute! Did you create the cover yourself?

    1. Hi Kat! Aww thank you so much!

      Oooh and no the notebook is from Paperchase, I found it in the sale for about a £1 I believe :) xoxo


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