30 Day Snap Day #15: Loch Fyne

loch fyne poole 
Firstly, sorry that this photo isn't great! My camera battery was just running out and so that means super washed photos ahoy. Anyway, today my daily snap is from my meal at Loch Fyne this evening, hence the late post! I'm not sure if I mention this much on my blog but I adore fish and seafood. We have a super lovely branch of Loch Fyne near me, and as I am right on the Dorset coast I am in general blessed with a plethora of some of the finest fish restaurants around. Two years ago now I went to Loch Fyne for my birthday but had a terrible feeling of nausea whilst there which resulted in a panic attack and me sitting in my car for the duration of the evening as I didn't want my family to miss out. Tonight we decided to go back for a father's day meal as I just knew I had to overcome that event and I did tonight and I'm feeling super content and at ease. Nausea is just horrible so to those who suffer with it too, you have my absolute full understanding and sympathy but please don't give in to it like I nearly did!

Anyway, in regards to the photo, it's the same meal I ordered two years ago ish: hake with a tomato salsa!! And in case you're wondering, it was glorious! :) 

What did you all get up to today? I'd love to see in photo form if you're also doing Louise's 30 day snap project.



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