NOTD: Model's Own 'Gold Rush' Nail Polish

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models own rush notd
models own notd
models own nail polish
Today is a bit of nail polish love which I thought would be fun to shoot whilst at the beach! I don't know why I don't do more beach photos for my blog as I'm beyond fortunate that beautiful beaches surround me but then again I think that may be because on return your whole life is covered in sand, haha.

This Models Own nail polish, 'Gold Rush' was kindly sent to me by a lady called Elly at Littlewoods and in amongst the golden sands and sparkling blue sea it looks beyond lush. I don't think I have previously owned a golden nail polish as I always think I'm too pale to pull it off but actually, I really like it! I adore the bronzy pale look and it does make my red hair pop so I'm really excited to have it in my collection. To make it pop even more I may add some gold glitter on top next time I wear it, and the nail art possibilities with a shade like this are endless.

Interestingly enough did you know that this nail polish won a bit of history by becoming the most expensive nail polish ever? Called 'Gold Rush Couture' for a mere £83,000 (!!!!) you could pick this beauty up in a 1,118 diamond exquisite lid, all individually hand crafted. Isn't that kind of cool but utterly, utterly ridiculous? I cannot fathom purchasing something so expensive even if I were to win the lottery because umm, well, it doesn't make sense really, does it? haha. Any who, you'll be pleased to know for us mere mortals this can be snapped up at the regular price of £5, and hey, I'm willing to DIY the lids with some swarovski gems if anyone so desires, ;). You can read further about the bonkers priced couture version here!

Pick up some golden gold rush at nailcare products at Littlewoods. What's your go-to polish right now? Any Models Own favourites?



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