Music Monday: Icona Pop

This morning I was greeted by the lovely surprise of the ASOS magazine, which I used to always get when it was in mini form and then all of a sudden it stopped, so twas a very nice sight indeed! The issue I have, which has the amazing Haim on the front, is their summer music issue and to my absolute delight one such act featured are Icona Pop. This super girl double act from Sweden is made of the fabulous Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, who since their formation in 2009 have catapulted their way onto the music scene from LA to New York, Sweden, to London with a fusion of electro house, and synth-pop.

I've mentioned their name to friends and no-one really knows who they are, but it may be that actually you have heard their chart-topping hit 'I Love It' without knowing it as it's one of those infectious eighties-tastic electronic pop get stuck in your head classic type of songs! Having said that, it's the song 'Lovers To Friends' which is much less known that I adore, and I must say much more than 'I Love It'. True Icona Pop fans probably think my choice is a teeny bit mainstream choice because it has Top-40 pop tune all over it but it's has that infectious electro-pop stomp that you can't ignore and it's the type of track picked up by 'Made in Chelsea' and I really think it would do well as a single!

Head over to the Icona Pop website to listen their EP 'Iconic'. Trust me my electro-pop fans, you're going to love them! 


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