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So the day finally arrived: the launch of Miss Vogue, the UK sister to Teen Vogue. When I heard the news I must confess to squealing with delight as I adore Teen Vogue. My favourite magazines have always been the ones from my teens and ones that really focused on fashion. I loved getting lost in a sea of inspirational beauty and hair features so out there that perhaps for most unwearable, but publications that weren't afraid to take a creative risk were the ones I so admired.

My two favourite magazines were ELLE Girl (both US and UK) and Teen Vogue. I grew up with both and for Teen Vogue and the US version of ELLE Girl I would go into town just to get them from Borders (aww Borders, how I miss you so!) as I was so obsessed with the arrival of the newest issues! 

The 116 page Miss Vogue magazine is in my eye not too dis-similar to Teen Vogue in that the overall design is colourful, graphic, fresh and young but it's a little more minimalist than it's US sister Teen Vogue. But it's not too young; it's definitely marketed very much towards the sophisticated teen. Content-wise it's again quite similar to Teen Vogue but very much concentrated on the whole London scene, you know that cool-hipster Henry Holland group, and in fact both Henry and Pixie Geldof are interviewed for this issue. Alexandra Shulman, Vogue editor told Women's Wear Daily: 'I admire Teen Vogue and it certainly was an inspiration but I felt Miss Vogue needed a different feeling for the UK; It’s got a more British sensibility, I think, than Teen Vogue.'

Miss Vogue also features a mini interview with Jake Bugg, a fascinating account of Saturday nights for teens in different cultures and has a under 21 style icons features with the likes of Tavi Gevinson, Cara Delevinge and Tali Lennox. Speaking of Miss Delevinge, she is the chosen cover star for the first issue and I'm not surprised as it again reinforces the cool London fashion scene. In fact Alexandra Shulman states in her editor's letter that she is, "Miss Vogue made physical" thanks to her "maverick sense of style and fun". Unlike Teen Vogyue what's refreshing to see is the mix of high street and designer items worn by the cover star, and in particular there's a River Island stripe dress Cara looks gorgeous in. What's kind of nice is to parallel this with Kate Moss, the mother of all British models, who appears on the main Vogue issue for June 2013. 

Fashion and beauty features wise there is of course that total contrast between high and low throughout, as is also common with Teen Vogue and I think a sunglasses feature says it all with items featured being a £5 pair of sunnies from Forever 21 to a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses for £219. You then get a Miu Miu bag for £890 beside a Tiffany necklace for a staggering £9675 and two pages from this is an advert for H&M advertising a top for a mere £3.99 but this is a mini version of Vogue we're talking about! Beauty cost wise again MAC, Chanel and Dior all make an appearance but then again there's some quirky budgets getting a bit of love like a £5 eco-tools sponge brush, and £7 Eye Rock liners, against the more out there Paperself lashes. And again, much like it's older sister Teen Vogue it's extremely advert heavy but as soon as I opened the magazine it was really nice to see Topshop as the first as I do believe it sums up that London-fashion scene so perfectly, and there's also adverts for Miss Selfridge, Accessorize, Forever 21 juxtaposed with DKNY, Coach and Michael by Michael Kors. But in her editor's letter, Shulman does states that the magazine is 'targeted at younger readers specifically, its remit is the same: to inspire even if you're a bit short on cash.'

Overall I absolutely loved reading this issue and haven't put it down since I got it yesterday. Whether or not Miss Vogue will be gracing newsstands every month has yet to be seen but seriously I can only hope. Truth be told I'm longing for a cool teen magazine to come back to the UK it's just been too long, but then ELLE Girl didn't last long at all and shares many similarities with Miss Vogue so in that sense, is there an audience for it now? Do girls really just want magazines with One Direction plastered from page to page? Not a One Direction hater at all guys by the way, it's just, I find it interesting understanding the main aesthetic appeal for teens in 2013? I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed desperately this is not the last we see of Miss Vogue. 

Has anyone else picked up a copy, what do you think?



  1. I wasn't actually aware of this, but how awesome! xxx

    1. I only picked it up yesterday, tis all very exciting :) xoxo


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