Favourites: April 2013

April is normally one of my favourite months as that's when I feel it's truly Spring-like but let's face it, (because weather talk is a bit zzz) Mother Nature is taking her time this year! Anyway, I have felt like it's spring in terms of my dress and fashion so let's dive on into what I've been loving, though overall personally this month is one I want to forget!!
love from hetty and dave panda shoes
1. Hetty and Dave Panda Shoes

In case you don't know I am totally obsessed with pandas, I kind of feel like if I had the err, fortune of being an animal for the day, it would be a panda! I just love them so much and so when my lovely crafty chum Zoe the creator behind the amazing Love From Hetty and Dave came up with these darling shoes I just had to own them! But be warned Zoe's animal shoes are ridiculously addictive and you'll end up with quite the collection. Watch this space for a blog post all about her amazingness :).
ghd straight and smooth spray
2. ghd Style Straight & Smooth Spray

So you may have already seen me use this product in my ghd hair care routine post here where I was sent the Style and Protect gift set to review, but I just wanted to show it a little more love here! I tend to be a lot more au-naturale with my hair lately and in turn to be honest it has grown pretty considerably however I always get frustrated that if I ever straighten my hair it automatically turns to rubbish! This serum spray really locks in that freshly straightened glossy look and it's something I'll be using for a very long time!
mac heatherette alpha girl
3. MAC Heatherette 'Alpha Girl' Beauty Powder

Umm so this is embarrassing because the MAC Heatherette collection was released in what 2008, but umm, I still have a teeny bit of 'Alpha Girl' left! I use it so sparingly because it's the prettiest coral pink you could ever meet and I really wish they would make something similar. The packaging is also ultra fab and one I won't be back-to- MAC-ing!

lush snow fairy lip tint
4. LUSH Snow Fairy Lip Tint

I adore the iconic candy sweet Snow Fairy fragrance from LUSH so a lip tint in the same scent complete with a rosy pink finish is perfection. This is surprisingly a really good product and great when you want a hint of pink but nothing too full on. LUSH actually do quite a lot of lip tints but some unfortunately dry my lips out but let's just hope they make this again come Christmas time! You can shop the lip tints here.
pixi endless silky eye pen cafe gold
5. Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen

I've been in love with the Pixi make up line for the longest time as their packaging is simply exquisite and beyond whimsical which is just how I like it! I much confess to not owning much strangely as nowhere near me stocks the range and I never really buy make up online. I did at last find a Boots that had the range and I snapped up a silky eye pen as sadly the whole counter was disgustingly dirty and there was hardly any products use-able. The eye pen I picked up is called Cafe Gold and it's a golden brown. It's very soft so it's no good for precision or the waterline but it makes a lush everyday smudgy eyeliner look that takes two seconds to achieve. Check out the whole range here.
sleek idivine sunset eyeshadow palette
6. Sleek iDivine 'Sunset' Eyeshadow Palette

I have had this eyeshadow palette for such a long time now but lately I've re-organised all of my make up (post on that maybe?) and I've moved all my palettes right next to me so I'm showing a lot of previously unused palettes a ton of love! This is really such a lovely blend of shades that of course is reminiscent of the a sunset but for everyday wear the last row is so stunning and I'm using the last 3 shades to the right in particular all.the.time! I did a ye olde post on this palette here, if you'd like to check it out but if not, you can buy one here.
primark moomin
7. Primark Moomin PJS

This is such a weird favourite but I adore these Moomin PJS I found in Primark! They're so completely adorable and Primark must do more Moomin stuff! I grew up with a huge Moomin obsession as I traveled to Sweden and Finland a lot and it was a show my brother and I just came to love very much. They are the cutest right? And so comfy!
lush cupcake face mask
8. LUSH 'Cupcake' Face Mask

Lately my skin has been horrible: spotty, oily and just yuck! But it was like an irriated under the skin kind of breakout so my friend got me a pot of LUSH's 'Cupcake' and after using it every single day for a few weeks all my spots had disappeared completely. This stuff really is magic but don't expect overnight success. Additionally, it smells delicious good enough to eat so if you have acne or troublesome breakouts definitely try this. Read more here.
pastel nail polish
9. Pastel Nail Polish

It's Spring so I am of course loving pastel nails! My favourite thing to do with my nails in Spring is to wear a million different shades all at once and the above photo is the Models Own Scented Nail Polishes I blogged about here.

10. 'Panic Cord'- Gabrielle Aplin

So the gorgeous Gabrielle Aplin has been around for a little while but her first two singles weren't entirely my cup of tea however I simply love her latest single 'Panic Cord'. The video is so dreamy, a little twee and all kind of adorables, and just so me! I think Gabrielle has an exciting career ahead of her.

So that's my favourites all done for April. What have you loved? Let me know below lovelies!



  1. The Panda shoes are so cute! And I loved the song too, I had never heard about Gabrielle Aplin! xx

    1. Awww you'd love her, her songs are so sweet! And yeeees the shoes are the cutest :D xoxo


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