Music Monday: Kelsi Luck

Hi lovelies! I'm so excited for this Music Monday artist today because I just think you're going to love the artist I'm going to talk about. And with that let me introduce you to the lovely Kelsi Luck, an artist I came across on Buzznet, the cool hangout of those fabulous glam American bloggers, or at least, is how I perceive it to be! Anyway, the blogger The Ready Set is friends with Kelsi and he met her when he moved to LA. Unfortunately I can't seem to find much information on her (Google is letting me down today!!) but it did come up with a link here that says she's newly signed to Katy Perry's record label. Firstly, Katy Perry has a record label (really?! Exciting if so) and secondly, GO Kelsi!

So really all I have to tell you about is her single 'That's What I Like' and the music video that of course goes hand in hand. The song itself has that amazing 1960s pop girl vibe that I absolutely adore, like love, love, love (I'm a huge '60s music fan). Lyrically it has that girl-out-to get the wrong-un girl revenge type thing but the video is made oh so much darker visually due to it being created using the photographic technique of cinemagraphs.  

In an MTV Hive interview Kelsi discussed the video saying, “we came up with the idea of using cinemagraphs, as it’s such a current and rarely used art form that hasn’t been done before in a music video....the elements [like] the record player, old maverick and Zippo brought to life the throwback feel of the music.” And if that was the aim it was so successfully portrayed in this 3 minute clip. 

I so love the video concept, which is directed by Chris Grieder. I mean it essentially has that rather timeless quality about a girl living out revenge fantasies on a guy who’s wronged her and yet Kelsi's right, the whole cinemagraphs is just not stuff you see on TV everyday and for a first single, and a first video, that's really going to set Kelsi apart. She's bringing back that 60s sound and nostalgia but with those effortless Cali boho waves and style, deepest wine lips and creativity she's bringing it right slam into 2013 and it's beyond refreshing!

This song is now avaialble on itunes so go hence and download like crazy people and let's get people talking about the amazing Kelsi Luck. I cannot wait for her musical journey to begin! I was actually just reading her Youtube comments for the video and everyone keeps saying 'Jack brought me here' so I was though, who, what, and then aha, the infamous Jack Harries of JacksGap fame no less, if you're reading this Jack (hah, yeah okay, no!) but IF you do, please tell your followers more about her!!

For more on Kelsi Luck visit her website here, Twitter and Facebook

I hope you enjoyed my Music Monday post today. Love to hear your thoughts as usual :).



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