Hi, hey, hello! Where I've Been, Company Blog Awards and Updates....

For the first time in ages I'm sat here, Friday night and I'm all glammed up in my Moomin PJs (you have no idea how amazing these are, truly!) sat with blogger in front of me and feeling very at home. You probably picked up on that alone just by the opening statement, but actually I'm more at home because I am finally able to blog!

In a nutshell though I've kind of let me blog slip massively lately because in case you don't follow me on Twitter you may not know that for the past month I have been without my laptop. It over-heated and the screen blacked out so down to PC World Currys I went, weeks went past and it was then ready to collect. I then went to a blogger event, blogged about said blogger and then the same cycle happened again! Really my total and utter panic was the data due to of course everything for Beauxoxo on there but don't worry I was smart enough to back up my data this time (bitter lesson learnt!). Otherwise I've been quite content without it really as it's just allowed me to spend more time crafting, collecting my thoughts and ideas and to be honest it's nice to be away from technlogy sometimes. Am I alone?

Before I get into other updates I just want to type something out because until I do I still won't believe it but I  might, okay, I'm just going to say it: I'VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR A COMPANY BLOG AWARD!! Flippin' eck, what's going on, what.is.going.on?! I see Company Magazine as being the Queen of featuring the very best and the most wonderful bloggers so I'm just so confused as to why my blog is featured, I mean little ol' me? Madness!! But honestly my lovelies I really am so incredibly, incredibly thankful but shocked? Absolutely! I do think there's a mistake, haha. I am nominated under the crafting section and that means even more because crafting is my life (sounds kind of sad but bear with me!) and I adore nothing more than sharing my little DIYs but also about how I started Beauxoxo, my job that my passion for crafting came from, and how you have always been so incredibly supportive and encouraging. I am forever grateful. Click here to vote for Dreams That Glitter xoxo under the best craft blog section and to anyone that does thank you, thank you, thank you!

More updates? Well also Company related I got the shock of my life when I saw my floral sunglasses DIY on the front page. You can read my original post here. I also had a massive shock when two wedding magazines featured my floral hair garlands so I excitedly went to buy said magazines and of course followed local newsagent's squeal of delight that I was planning a wedding, haha. And in just general exciting news there's a show called 'Harbour Lives' about Dorset and I cannot wait for it to be on TV! I thought it was going to be a 'Made in Chelsea' kind of thing about Dorset life but no it's just a factual thing, but looks so good and my friends at Lulubelle's Cakes are involved so it's doubly exciting.

I'm now flaking so I think I may have missed some stuff out. Health wise I have been a little dodgy as my Nana hasn't been very well at all lately and I think it's just been quite stressful and my body then gets ill and she tries to look after me and I'm trying to look after her and well, that's just confusing in itself, right? haha. So next week I will be at the hospital for both her and myself so I'm not sure where that will leave everything else.

I now want to hear all your news and how you all are? Thanking you so much for sticking by me and if you vote for me in the Company Awards then, well quite simply, thank you.



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