DIY: Ombre Dip-Dyed Shoes

Hurrah, a new DIY! My laptop is really struggling at the moment but I just about managed to get this up. As the weather has turned up a notch I thought this summery DIY will be something really fun to wear throughout the next few months. I'm a huge fan of the ombre dip-dye trend and so I made over some old white crochet shoes with this pretty pink dye which I graduated to the old white. Everything should be in the above video but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave it in the comments :).

You will need:

* Old rags
* Fabric shoes of choice (mine are from H&M)
* Salt
* Fabric dye
* Bucket/old container
* Metal spoon
* Plastic gloves
* Measuring jug
* Kettle
* Spongy Brush
* Kitchen towel

Crafty Tips:

♥ Make sure you use old equipment and protect your work area thoroughly as dye is named so for a reason! I'm using an old bucket so if the dye does stain I don't mind.

♥ At all times: WEAR GLOVES!! You'll see I was a bit naughty and removed when when adjusting my camera and basically I'm one lucky girl otherwise I'd have pink flamingo hands!!

♥ If you do want to persevere removing dye from your equipment some good ol' bleach will work wonders.

♥ If your shoes have laces or bows etc either remove them, or in the case of little bows, just tape from away from the shoe into the inside.

♥ The longer you leave something in dye the more intense the colour will be. Bare in mind when drying the colour will not be the same as when it first was dyed. So, for example, say you want a really strong hit of colour, you might want to leave the tip in for a whole minute.

Additional information:

♥ The song I used in this video is called 'Come Back' by Brandy Loves Alexander. Please like their Facebook page for free downloads and to find this track from their new ep. They're amazing!

♥ If you enjoyed this little DIY then it would mean so much if you voted for me in the Company Blog Awards 2013 for 'Best Craft Blog' under section 3- Link here.

Thank you so much for watching! :)♥



  1. Might have to try this. They're gorgeous

  2. So cute!

  3. Wow, these are really pretty!


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