Day in the life: My Easter Weekend 2013

joy louche bunny jumper
lindt bunny cuddly toyeaster crackers
easter hen egg cosy
salmon en croute
hello kitty easter egg
easter meringue nests
It's about to get seriously photo-heavy around here guys, so if you want to see everything in full glory then be sure to join me after the jump! xo

easter mini egg meringue
easter chocolate hen
cath kidston make
cadburys mini eggs
mini egg cupcake
easter tree decoration
easter lantern
easter decorations
mini eggs
easter basket
Huge apologies for the photo heavy blog post but I thought as the Easter weekend sadly draws to a close I would just post a few photos from my weekend as you know I am cautiously trying to post more 'day in the life' type stuff! This is a little snippet of how I celebrate Easter. My Mum goes a little crazy with decorations in the best way, which are collected from her travels all around the world, from little handmade knitted egg cosies, to paper lanterns to wooden painted egg trees, it's all there!

We then have a big meal together, this year it was salmon en croute complete with little lamb pastry decorations and then meringues filled with cream, fruit or just plain mini eggs for the child in the family, moi! haha. Between each meal we give presents and this year I was totally spoiled with a Cath Kidston 'Make' book (I have others but not this for some strange reason!), a lace Topshop skirt, and of course, a chocolate egg and this year I picked a Hello Kitty one, of course! I really do adore Easter, between it all I've been very busy with Beauxoxo but nevertheless had to log lie ins (for me!) and just thoroughly enjoyed the light we are already blessed with. Spring and summer daylight hours rock my world, I think mostly due to S.A.D I suffer with a little, I really do feel so much better already! It may be cold, but as long as there is light!

Anyway my lovelies, that's my Easter traditions all wrapped up and I hope you enjoyed the photos. How do you celebrate Easter or is it not something you do? I'd love to hear either way.



  1. Aw such adorable photos! Looks like a lovely weekendd!

    Emma x

    1. Awww thank you, it was, I hope you had a lovely Easter too:) xoxo


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