Springtime Easter Giveaway

Hello my lovely ones. First things first, a few updates! Well you're probably surprised to see this post in the first place to be honest and I get you, yep, I've been a bit lacking in the ol' blogging department, but with good reason! My laptop is currently very poorly in....well, wherever they go to get better because the screen kept blacking out and it was boiling hot on one side and I was so worried it was going to blow up it just wasn't right at all!! Anyway, it seems it can be repaired by meanwhile I'm a little lost technology wise. Well truthfully I shamefully don't miss my laptop at all, I'm not a massively techy person (I have a phone that literally texts and calls so yeah, ha) but it's making shop admin and blogging quite difficult. I should get it back next week but until then I'm just using friend's PCs and my Mum's ipad!

But in more cheerier news, I have a little Easter giveaway for you all! Easter is normally my favourite time of year actually I really love it but the grim weather has put a bit of a downer on it this year as normally to see all the gorgeous flowers out, the temperature warm enough for just a snug jumper and our blossom tree in full glory is something so special but obviously not happening right now. But hey, let's hope we get an Indian summer like we did last year!

I had a fun time picking giveaway prizes because the shops are packed with pastel pretties despite the above weather stuff but in the end I decided on:

♥ 10 pastel sweeties which can be divided between my butterflies, glitter bows or a glitter heart hair band if you like from my shop Beauxoxo
♥ The rest of the prizes are made up of things I can't live without for spring which are as follows: Cute frilly Topshop socks (I have oh, only a million pairs!!), TWO new Models Own scented pastel nail polishes of your choice (which are incredible and something I'll blog about very soon!), some ridiculously cute lamb slippers (because it's still freezing!!) and then just obligatory Easter treats which you can pick! 

If the above sounds like something you want to be apart of then do! Very simply click here to enter. 

Good luck everyone, and hopefully I can sneak another post in before my laptop returns!



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