Music Monday: Shannon Thomas

In my last post, my DIY D&G A/W 2012 floral sunglasses I created a video to go with that DIY and I featured a song by the extremely talented Shannon Thomas. I often get a lot of questions about the songs I use in my Youtube videos and actually it was from this that I started this whole Music Monday feature really.
Shannon and I had been in contact previous to my DIY video and she was so kind enough to let me use this track in the video, and I’m so honoured that she allowed me to showcase her music! Shannon is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Growing up she spent time studying the styles of several artists from her own generation who later went onto inspire her. I love her music so much because I have a weakness for any singer-songwriters whose primary instrument is the piano, and hence my love for Vanessa Carlton, who as it happens is a huge inspiration to Shannon.

Shannon currently has two amazing albums to date, the first ‘Brainstorms’ and the second, ‘Glass Doll’, and I couldn’t recommend them more. Both albums are full of infectious melodies, truly, truly infectious, and her songs are framed by not only love, but also accounts of many other life lessons learnt, with honest and insightful, thoughtful lyrics which are all so relatable to the human ear. Every single song from both albums are so, so perfect and polished, there’s no filler track and that’s so rare from an upcoming artist to me. Shannon has found her sound very early.

And don’t just take it from me as Shannon was selected for a featured spot at Diversafest in 2005 & 2006 and her signature song ‘Edward’ (the song I’ve featured and adore) won's song of the month poll for January 2006. Then, ‘Rose Colored Shades’, the song that is found in my DIY video made Shannon one of eleven finalists in a nation-wide music video contest.

If you’ve fallen for Shannon’s beautiful melodies then both albums are available to download from itunes right here and you can keep up with Shannon through her various social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Pretty please follow her on either one of those if you like what you hear, and of course, download her tracks too because this girl deserves to be absolutely huge, because she is so massively talented.



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