Favourites: March 2013

Firstly, Happy Easter! I really do love Easter, it's my favourite time of year in general. Moreover, the clock went forward today and already I am just so in love with more daylight hours and you know what means bloggers....more photo taking time, hurrah! Also, more crafting time, double hurrah! In other news my laptop is still in techy hospital but should be back next week. By chance I have just discovered that I can get photos from my camera onto my family's computer with a different lead so that means I can start blogging again, I hope! To ease me back into the swing of things here's my March favourites :).
hello kitty easter egg
1. Hello Kitty Easter Egg

With it being Easter and all it would be a little wrong to not include an Easter egg, right? I'm a chocoholic but this cute Hello Kitty Easter egg will do perfectly for the occassion! I got it weeks ago and it came complete with a magical little tin and stickers. Yep, mature, that's me ;).collection volume sensation lipstick satin bow
2. Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick 'Satin Bow'

Okay, I'll admit this once and only: I'm a lipstick snob! My lipstick collection is mostly MAC and other high end brands. Why I don't know, I guess I'm just addicted to their colour range but when I was at the Clothes Show I got myself this lipstick in a goody bag and recently it's been my go to. It's not quite as moisturising as my MAC shades but I love the pinky browny nude easy to wear shade that's perfect for spring, or err, a prolonged winter! Plus it retails for £2.99 and that's pretty fabulous really!
models own fruit scented nail polish
 3. Models Own Fruity Scented Nail Polish

I adore Models Own for their insane colour collection and fabulous quality so imagine my delight to stumble across pastel shades with a fruity scent! I mean, come on, that's perfection right there! The fragrances are grape, apple pie, blueberry muffin, banana and strawberry and they're just so much fun! I'm going to do a full review of these soon but I bet you countless other have too if you're after swatches but in the meantime check them out online here.
lush vanilla dee lite body lotion
4. LUSH Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion

I have a feeling I've mentioned this beautiful vanilla body lotion oh, only a million time, but it so deserves it! A little goes a long way and it sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves you with a stunning vanilla but mildy fruity scent. I'd recommend it to the moon and back, and then some more!! Convinced you enough? ;). You can find out more here.
lush fluffy egg bath ballistic
 5. LUSH Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic

Does anyone remember the Candy Fluff dusting powder from LUSH? It's pretty old now, and I remember using bundles of it at school, but anyway, I'm sure you've all heard of LUSH's infamous Snow Fairy shower gel, and if so, then this is that same scent. Pure, irresistibly girly, sweet and just a hug in a bath. I buy massive amounts at Easter and will forever more (although my wonderful, wonderful friend got me these!) More info here.
Joy louche bunny jumper
6. JOY Louche Bunny Jumper

Can you possibly imagine a jumper quite as cute as this? If so, I need to see! You all know I have the weirdest, strangest obsession with adorable bunny related clothing and well, everything, so when I spied this on JOY's website I had to own it! I kind of fail at outfit posts but perhaps I can convince my brother to take a photo of me in it, but if you'd like one for yourself click here. As a money saving tip, sign up to the newsletter if you fancy purchasing anything as you'll get 10% off :).
lms spotlights 8 spot treatment
 7. LMS Spotlights 8 Spot Treatment

When I went to the LOOK Show a little while ago now I received this in a goody bag and it's basically a beauty contraption with red light therapy technology that heals spots when used 1 to 3 times a day. Now for some bizzarre reason my skin has been so, so terrible this month (post on this later) and I have tried everything. For that reason, I thought I'd give this a go and it's actually proved extremely good! It healed a hideous spot I had very quickly and the device itself was easy to use. I really like the sleek design too. The technology behind it is way beyond me, so if you fancy reading more about it here's a handy link.
primark lamb slippers
8. Primark Slipper Socks

I know I blogged about these last month but gah, Primark bring out new designs every week I swear and they are all painfully cute, and addictive! Why am I collecting animal slipper socks at my age? Goodness knows, but I love them! These lamb sweeties are my latest addition and of course I'm rocking them out all over Easter.
mini eggs
9. Cadbury's Mini Eggs

What would a March favourites post be without mini eggs, hey? Right! Oh my, these are just the sweetest chocolate joys. I'm obsessed not only by their sweet taste but the little pastel flecked shells are so joyous to look at, or is that just me? At Easter we place them in this cute duck basket for everyone to share, but you can see how they're going down! Think we'll need a stock up soon!

 10. 'Falling' Haim

Finally, a musical choice for this month to round everything off is of course Haim's 'Falling', their latest single and after listening to it all month I think perhaps their best yet. Oh how I love these girls. Back last year I actually dedicated one of my first Music Monday posts to them and I am beyond excited for their album. I know I'll have it on repeat in my car for months and months!

So that's my March favourites all wrapped up. So tell me now my lovelies what you've loved lately and also, what your plans have been this Easter weekend? Can't wait to get blogging again soon :).



  1. I so need those primark slippers!! there adorable & in my fav colour combonation! I really hope they have these when i can get in later on in the week

    1. Eee yes you do!! I'm sure they will be, I got them in a tiny Primark! xoxo

  2. those slippers are SO cute! x

  3. I love the colours of the scented nail polish, they look so cute!

    1. They're so pretty, the perfect pastels :) xoxo

  4. omg I want that Hello Kitty easter egg :O Oh and Cadburry's mini eggs are probably one of my favorite chocolates of all time!

    The bath ballistic smells heavenly. I almost got it today at Lush! ♥


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