DIY: Dolce and Gabbana D&G A/W 2012 Floral Sunglasses

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Hello my lovelies! Today I have an extremely overdue DIY post for you! I actually think my last tutorial was a year ago…and I can’t actually believe that as I so adore these posts the best. I think I’ve just been so busy with my own shop that any other crafting has kind of gone out the window! This is actually a project I started months and months ago, 8 months to be precise, as I saw these D&G sunglasses in the Marie Claire AW2012 magazine and then saw so many others do it I didn’t think my how-to was needed but lately I had a change of heart as I’m wearing them so much at the moment, and they’re very cute for spring and summer!

Hopefully everything is explained okay in the video but just a few things to pick up on. Firstly, I like these cat eye sunglasses because I think you have more room to place things around, but why not get some circle glasses and put them all around the edge for full on kitsch kawaii look? OR swap the flowers for pearls for something oh-so Chanel!

D&G went very baroque last season so that’s why I went with the ceramic flowers. I got all my flowers from Etsy so if you want the same look head to Antiqued on Etsy and Eggcellent Craft Store on Etsy. The glue I use is Loctite, if you’re USA based E-6000 is incredibly similar, but I love Loctite. As with all superglues be careful, and put the lid back on tightly and as soon after use as possible!

Aaaaand I think that’s everything my pretties. Does anyone else have any DIY requests? I’m going to try to see now the lighting is getting more spring like if I can do a DIY post every week, but I’m not making any promises!! That would be the dream though!

I hope you like the DIY, and thank you so much for supporting my channel and blog in my absence! OH and one more thing, the music I used in this video is with the permission of the artist Shannon Thomas. How perfect is the song, ‘Rose Colored Shades’ for the video? If you like the song pretty please check her out on itunes and she’s insanely talented and I adore both her albums.



  1. I NEED a pair! <3 so pretty xo

  2. Fabulous! I need to make my own pair, to save money I will probably buy some from Primark!

    Megan x

    1. You should definitely do up a Primark pair to make it your own :) xoxo

  3. they look so cute, I really want to try this!
    thanks for sharing with us

  4. Such a great DIY, the sunglasses look so pretty.
    I might have to go buy some of those flowers as well they would be amazing for so many things. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Aww thank you! Oooh and yes so many lovely projects could be done with the flowers :) xoxo

  5. Love these! So cute and crafty! I think I’m going to give these a try to my Ray-Ban Wayfarer!


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