Valentine’s Giveaway and Wonder Forest Blog Makeover!

010Hi everyone! I really have no idea where to start this post as I kind of disappeared for a few days as I haven’t been too well, as some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I’m definitely getting there now but I spent the last few days just curled up in agony fretting about how much time was flying past!! So, obviously blogging and all that jazz will be very few and far between for a while as obviously my priority has to be my shop but I cannot thank you all enough for the sweet messages lately which has truly kept me going!

Because today is a day of love I wanted to take a few minutes to put up this giveaway for you all. It’s basically some goodies I picked up at the Clothes Show Live AND my own goody bag as I own far too much beauty stuff and I would be so happy to see one of you get everything above. In addition, you will also get a £50 gift card to spend at my shop, Beauxoxo!

To enter the giveaway it’s so easy-peasy and all you need to do is to click here and all will be explained. And before I end this post, do you notice anything different? ;). I’ll give you a minute…..

Ahhh I’m so, so happy with it! The amazing Dana of Wonder Forest created it for me, aka the Queen of Blog designs and she’s created my blog to look like a lovely little sister to my shop so everything is nicely merged together and now people will know me I hope as both a blogger and little crafty girl, because so often no one knew the two co-incided! I would absolutely love to know what you think of it and please do check out Dana’s work.

Phew, that was quite the update! I’m not sure when I’ll next have time to blog, so until then, have a wonderful weekend, and happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. The blog makeover looks fab and such a wonderful giveaway, I have just entered! :D Exciting!

  2. your blog layout is so adorable! :)
    glad you're back!


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