Music Monday: Jenny Owen Youngs

Today I want to talk about a musical act I stumbled upon in the most random, but most amazing of ways. I remember waking up ridiculously early one Saturday morning because I thought I had work but I didn’t in the end so I ended up watching a bit of good ol’ Saturday morning TV. Problem is early Saturday morning TV isn’t always the best, but I eventually found a programme which caught my attention called ‘Life Unexpected’ on E4. I had no clue as to who was who, the plot line (although I think it’s loosely ‘One Tree Hill’ related?) or anything like that, but suddenly this song montage played and I was hooked. I was just so, so captivated by the song that was playing over typical emotional angst that I immediately googled the lyrics as I just had to know where I could hear this song again! Googling said lyrics led me to the beautiful work of Jenny Owen Youngs, a US singer-songwriter, and the song is ‘Here Is A Heart’. For your listening pleasure I have attached the Youtube video above, and tell me now, is it, or is it not just so beautiful?

From my first listen I assumed this song was about love because of course without knowing the artist at the time, the words ‘hear is a heart’ just had me concluding that this was a song about love and romance. However, now that I have heard this song many times since, the more and more I am tuned into the fact that with such poignant lyrics such as ‘sleep like the dead through the noise in your head…monitors click and whir and glow’ I feel it’s actually about something much darker. Whilst researching this post I found out that whilst supporting Regina Spektor, Jenny did say that the song is about cancer so now the lyrics make more sense to me. To listen to this song now with this literal meaning in mind is indeed quite chilling but at the same time this song, like so many of this nature, is such a duality between something very haunting and yet something so beautiful in composition, especially the way Jenny’s lyrics are so almost poetic, ‘blood of my blood, dripping with love’.

I’m so, so glad I woke up early that one Saturday just so I could hear this song and to ultimately become a Jenny Owen Youngs fan! If you feel that you are too after hearing the above then pop by Jenny’s website here and her latest album ‘An Unwavering Band Of Light’ is out to download now.

I would love to know if you have come across Jenny’s music before, or if you liked the above clip! Let me know all your thoughts below :).



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