Music Monday: Jake Bugg

I have waited aaaages to put up this ‘Music Monday’ post and goodness knows why because I have been loving this guy’s music since 2011 and oh how time flies now it’s nearly the third month into 2013, and so without further ado, let me introduce you all to Jake Bugg. I say introduce you all, but chances are you’ve already heard of him as he’s had a pretty meteoric rise to fame already.

At just 18 years old, things are going pretty well or Jake right now, a guy who grew up in the Clifton council estate of Nottingham and started playing guitar aged 12 after being introduced to the instrument by his uncle Mark. He originally played bass guitar in his cousin's band while enrolled in a music technology course, but by the age of 16 he had dropped out and was writing and performing his own songs influenced by the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Donovan, the Everly Brothers and Jimi Hendrix. A year later however and Jake was chosen by the BBC to appear on their ‘Introducing’ stage at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival aged just 17, and because of this was given a contract by Mercury Records. In 2012 things just got better and better where in August of that year he was a support act for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and in October 2012 his debut album stormed to number 1.

There’s something quite special about Jake’s music that I don’t think is raved about enough, because yes, it’s impossible to not hear influences as mentioned above like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Donovan, the Everly Brothers and Jimi Hendrix etc, but for me I’m so drawn to Jake Bugg because I feel that he combines that old school-skiffle sound with lyrics that could only have been written about these times and so in my mind of course I just have that vision of the 60s and all that underground stuff, and yet at the same time he’s actually skilfully mastered this sound and his songs into themes which are actually very current, and in that sense both takes you back in time but are equally timeless. This is definitely apparent in his song ‘Seen It All’ which particularly illustrates that old head and yet young shoulders dichotomy I can’t help but think of when I hear his music, as he reminisces on a night out in the manner of an old blues guy or something similar, and I cannot help but also think of the early Beatles and the young Lennon and McCartney.

And then you think that he’s just 18, and I hate to bang on about age, but whilst most guys his age might come out with music about trying to find themselves, Jake kind of already has, and whilst you’d be forgiven for thinking he is a just a normal boy yet to experience the highs and lows of life I think he kind of has for the most part, and that’s what he’s trying to express in ‘Seen It All’ to me with statements such as:“I swear to God I’ve seen it all, nothing shocks me anymore”. In fact, it’s kind of scary and a little frightening to see how much maturity and fragility is apparent in his music….looking back to when I was that age anyway!!

I’m kind of sad that Jake missed out on that BRIT award this year, but just to be nominated is phenomenal. The only problem with him right now? He’s going to ruffle a few feathers, and already has!! He has a very outspoken point of view, and has that swag about him dare I say it because I hate to compare people, but to me very Liam Gallagher ish! He’s not a fan of ‘pop music today’ and I believe he’s upset One Direction recently in an interview, so umm yes, I’m not going to end this post getting into all that, but musically, I can’t fault him right now I really can’t.



  1. Great post. Saw him last summer at a tiny gig before he became a household name. His voice was amazing and your right his lyrics are scarily mature for one so young. Excuse the pun but I've definitely got the "bugg" too.


    1. Thank you Clare! I'm so, so jealous you have seen him live, that's my dream right now! And haha, yep definitely got the 'bugg' I so wanted to include that in my post too ;) xoxo

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  3. pretty cool like it too you have loads of uk great band out there !
    fav remain ben howard

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