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There’s a huge comic art boom going on right now during spring and summer 2013 with pop-art inspiration popping up in fashion prints, at the V&A David Bowie style or through Tate’s Roy Lichtenstein exhibitions, so it was surely only a matter of time until MAC stepped on board this domineering trend, with this super fun collection simply titled ‘Archie’s Girls.’ In case you’re not sure who on earth these Archie’s Girls are then I’ll try to briefly explain.

So the ‘Archie's Girls’ are Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, who are the main crushes for Archie Andrews, and his love for both girls forms the typical teenage love triangle storyline which drives the comic's plot-lines. Betty and Veronica are both best friends and worst enemies, and typical stories throughout the comic series feature the two high school girls as they hang out with each other, shop, and fight for Archie's affections. Because the pair became so popular, Betty and Veronica have also been featured in the various other titles published by Archie Comics, and each has her own title.

Betty can be described as a sweet, blonde wholesome typical girl next door whose looks and characteristics is in total contrast to Veronica, with long flowing brunette hair, and is illustrated as being a bit spoiled, selfish and a bit of a rich girl. These characteristics filter through to the make up line which is divided up into Betty shades and Veronica shades. So, all the products with Betty on form the Betty line which consists of  a lot of pretty pinks, perky peaches, lush lavenders, and other bright colours, with names like such as ‘Girl Next Door’, ‘Kiss & Don’t Tell,’ ‘Pep Pep Pep’ etc. The Veronica collection on the other hand is a flip to the dark side, where typical sweet and pastel spring shades from Betty’s line are juxtaposed against winter bright reds, blackened plum,  deep violets, midnight blacks and navys which echoes the product names perfectly ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, ‘Boyfriend Stealer’, ‘Spoiled Rich’ and ‘Pin-Up Purple’.

There’s no point in filling this post with every single product because it will just be the longest post ever and a little pointless but the amazing Make Up and Beauty Blog has the best photos ever, ever, ever and I’m just going to post two photos to convince you it’s the best post about this collection in the beauty blogging land, and it will for sure form your wish-list!
MAC Cheers My Dear and Lucky In Love PigmentsMAC Prom Princess Powder Blush

So which of Archie’s girl are you? Are you sweet girl-next-door and perfect blonde Betty? Or are you vampy brunette beauty Veronica? You know what? I can totally see why it has been so difficult for Archie to choose between these two girl over the years. I mean, the collections are simply so different, and the colours so completely contrasting, do you go for the perfect spring pastel look, or stick to the deep reds and dark shades of winter? I literally cannot decide right now and my wish list is every growing, and there’s a ton to choose from because each line has about 16 different products, from lipsticks, eye shadows, beauty powders to nail polishes, and on top of that, adorable extras such as a mini brush set, make up bag and portable mirror.

What do you all think to the collection? Tacky, cute or just not bothered? Let me know your thoughts! The collection is out right now in the USA and will reach our shores in March as with all spring MAC collections.



  1. Love MAC cosmetics, they have so many fabulous collections each season, I have to say this isn't going to be a favourite of mine - I liked the Wonderwoman collection and the packaging of it but this to me is just a little too...tacky. I do like the hearts in the blushers though :)

    Eda x

    1. Ahhh yes of course Wonderwoman that indeed was a fabulous collection, one of my favourites :) xoxo


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