Favourites: February 2013

Well February has truly been eventful so I'm ready to just get stuck into this post because it's sometimes just nice to write about the pretty things in life, so, without further ado!
Cloth magazine
1. Cloth Magazine

So, I'm a crafter, and it's y'know my life and all so it makes total sense that I'm addicted to craft magazines too! I've absolutely loved Cloth Magazine in particular lately as I adore the modern and yet vintage inspired creations you can make, and it's packed full of great styling, fashion crafty news and so much more. It's pretty pricey, like most fashion craft magazines, but I would so highly recommend you all try a copy!Seventeen doll'd up mascara
2. Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

When I last had a photo shoot in London I stopped by Boots for something terrible sensible like lunch and got totally sidetracked when I saw this new mascara. Goodness knows why, but for the past few months I have been truly obsessed with mascara, like truly so! I really love trying new brands and I get excited about finding new little gems. Well Seventeen (I want to call them just '17', I cannot stop calling them the latter!) have just come out with this new mascara called 'Doll'd Up'. I've tried quite a few Seveteen mascaras and really like them all but this is definitely my favourite. It didn't do much at first but now gives gorgeous curl, lengthening and subtle volume. It's a really lovely mascara and I bagged a free eyeliner too by getting this (which to be honest, was the motivation for picking this up!). 
Urban decay primer potion eden
3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 'Eden' 

Okay so every self confessed beauty addict knows what a wonder product Urban Decay primer potion is but I've only really just caught onto 'Eden' which is a creamy coloured based one and I really like it for when I need my eye make up to go the distance but also to cancel out any imperfection in that area. 
Lush Buche De Noel
4. LUSH Buche De Noel

Yep more LUSH, sorry guys! But truly their cleansers work so incredibly well for me. I've been using this product for the past month and I literally adore the stuff! In principle it's exactly like LUSH's 'Angel On Bare Skins', 'Herbalism' etc in that you pinch a bit of and it gently exfoliates your face when mixed with water. This product was limited edition at Christmas so it smells just like a Christmas pudding, but it does such a fabulous job at leaving skin really smooth and yet squeaky clean. I hope this comes out again next year!
Paperchase parrot stationery
 5. Paperchase Parrot Stationery

I went into Paperchase for a special card the other day and also left with the above because seriously, how cute?! Paperchase always have such gorgeous ranges and I seriously love this parrot one. I love this note book because it has a little clear folder too and that suits miss messy moi! Such the range yourself here.
Lush vanilla puff dusting powder 
 6. LUSH Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder

I think this product always seems to appear in my favourites posts but I guess that just shows how much I love it! I bang on about it constantly so basically this is vanillary perfection in powder form and I really, really love it!
Primark minnie mouse slipper socks
7. Primark Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks

I'm going to get honest with you guys for a second: I'm not the world's biggest Primark fan. I just can't get into it in a massive way because the clothes just don't always pull me in. Having said that, I think their nightwear collection is second to none! They always have such adorable designs and I go in now and head straight to that section now, and it's kind of becoming addictive! My latest find were the above Minnie Mouse slipper socks. They are ridiculously cosy, and I also own them in a Hello Kitty design too. I think I need several back ups I love them that much! Plus it's all about Minnie Mouse this season my loves ;).
cath kidston letter
 8. Hand Written Letters

There's literally nothing more special than a hand written letter and it's something I sadly never have time to do much nowadays but I sent the lovely Kirst some stuff to Canada recently and I recently got the above back and it's so sweet and has made me realise I want to get out my Cath Kidston note cards and write letters are my main communication but sadly, in my dreams!
mac cosmetics bombshell lipstick
 9. MAC Cosmetics 'Bombshell' Lipstick

I'm veeeery slowly merging my make up into something more springlike just because I love wearing statement pinks at this time of year with a neutral eye. Well 'Bombshell' is this rather gorgeous pink with a sort of gold sheen running throughout which sounds odd but it's really rather beautiful. It's subtle enough for daytime wear but it's also packs more of a punch then say your bog standard pink. If you've always skipped this shade go and try it out as I swear it looks lovely on absolutely everyone.

10. Pompei- Bastille

For those that are just interested in my beauty and fashion posts you maybe unaware that I regularly do a little feature most Mondays (it's a case of if I remember, to be honest!) called 'Music Monday' where I just discuss a band or artist I'm loving. A few weeks ago I featured Bastille so to read that post click here but I'm just being loving this track called 'Pompei' lately and I hear it's so nearly at the number one spot so hurrah for them! Definitely check this band out if you haven't already.

And that's my favourites for February, so over to you now, my sweets, let me know as usual please! :). Ooooh PS, my giveaway to win my Clothes Show Live giveaway ends tomorrow, so go, go, go! Click here to enter.



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