Betsey Johnson A/W 2013

Whilst London Fashion Week is still in full force let’s go back in time a little to New York Fashion Week. Last Monday night I sat with a heated wheat bag escaping into THE guaranteed fun fashion show of the year: Betsey Johnson! If you’re quite the Betsey fan like me you’ll know that 2012 wasn't so great and ultimately resulted in shop closures here (the one shop in London) and throughout the USA. But ever the fighter I’m so delighted that I’m sat here writing about a new collection even though just a mere two weeks before fashion week Betsey stated she wouldn’t be showing this year: “I made the aerobic line in two and a half weeks, because I wasn’t going to show. It depressed me. When I read about it in the papers the next day, I went to Steve (Madden) and said, ‘I changed my mind! I gotta show!’”

Well having a fashion business of my own I know how pushed it can be creating collections, but in two in a bit weeks AND to be showcased at New York fashion week I would have thought was practically impossible, but nope, there’s literally nothing that can defeat Betsey! So, with a triumphant return to the fashion world New York witnessed the debut of Betsey’s activewear, with a free exercise lesson thrown in for good measure, because since when did any Betsey show form to any traditional conformity? ;).

Discussing the inspiration behind this record speed collection Betsey confessed that, “activewear — that’s my life…I mean, I like stretchy clothes. Hot wash, hot dry, stretchy clothes. I grew up in leotards, I was a dancer, so that kinda stuff is close to my heart.” But don’t be fooled into thinking a Betsey Johnson exercise lesson is anything other than spectacularly fun because there’s no regimented moves, and instead distracted carefree models strutted down the runway sporting zany colouful mop-top wigs chatting away on their mobile phones. The looks were sporty, chic and true to Betsey’s asthetic so you have fun coloured lyra pieces made that little bit more flirty and girly with a trompe-l'œil corset effect at the back and seriously surrealist pieces I just adored like the punch bag handbag which in the above video models as an actual punchbag too!!

Between all this sporty action were a few random autumn pieces like little tartan dresses and a super, super adorable Yellow Taxi handbag which let’s face it, couldn’t symbolise New York fashion week better!Towards the end of the routine out comes Betsey in full exercise mode where all the models took to their exercise mats exercising with champagne bottle as dumbells and trainers on their hands, complete of course with the obligatory Betsey cartwheel and splits showing she’s as young as them all! I think this collection, whilst not something I would normally gravitate towards is something that because Betsey’s doing it I can’t help but love and it’s a fabulous addition to the Betsey brand.

The night after this Betsey presented a Valentine’s Day-themed collection to celebrate her new reality show with her daughter, ‘Betsey + Lulu’, which will debut on Style later this year and I cannot flippin WAIT! It’s apparently where the 70 year old took inspiation for this latest line.

So what do you think of this collection? Let me know all your thoughts as usual! Oooh and PS: having a fun little make up and shop giveaway on my Facebook here.



  1. This looks like it would have been so much fun to watch in person!


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