25 Random Facts About Me….

Ahhh guys I succumbed to the 25 random about me facts! It’s the least likely post for me to do and yet somehow my fingers are tapping away at my keyboard to make an attempt at this tag which is sweeping beauty and fashion blogging land. But then I figured I don’t really let you all get to know me very much, so here you go my lovelies 25 random facts about me. I’m not very interesting, but I hope you enjoy anyway!
1. My favourite make up look of all time is the pin-up look. If I could, I would wear red lipstick every single day however I tend to be more neutral lately!

2. Okay so my big random fact is that I have quite bad, okay very bad dyscalculia, so I cannot do basic arithmetic at all. I have difficulties with time (so shamefully I cannot tell the time, so I’ve don’t own a watch [actually I do own a teeny owl necklace clock!] or clock. I have a Polly Pocket Clock but it is for decoration, I have no idea how to tell the time from it!), measurements (only recently worked out how tall I am and how much I weigh, but it doesn’t mean anything to me, as I cannot visualise it, so I struggle with recipes etc terribly!) and just basic numeracy in general. I also struggle to comprehend financial planning or budgeting, and even super easy things like estimating the cost of the items in a shopping basket or balancing a list of figures, working out a percent on something etc. Just everything mathematical! I did pass my GCSE maths however I did this because the coursework was very creative, and I could do bearings and draw shapes but I was advised to only answer those questions which by some stupid miracle let me get my GCSE!

3. Despite the waffle above, no one at schools or personally believed I had dyscalculia and thought I was being stubborn and awkward because I was quite geeky at school and very academic otherwise! I was ‘diagnosed’ when I started my business a year or so ago because I couldn’t understand how to use a spread sheet on a course and someone finally saw I had a problem. It makes me feel very down sometimes, and I feel so stupid about such simple things, so if you’re reading this and can relate to some of the above please, please tell someone and don’t suffer alone like I did!

4. Last random fact despite the above is that I have been playing music since I was about 3 years old when I started to learn to play the piano and later the violin. I also play the viola. I play to grade 8 standard but lately I’ve put it all aside as I made the stupid decision to study music at University and it put me off for life. I think the fact no one picked up facts 1 and 2 is because I can read music notation no problem, a thing normally people with dyscalculia suffer with.
Cadburys Mini Eggs
5. Mini eggs are one of my favourite things in the world (and I shouldn’t eat them, see next point!!)

6. I have a dairy allergy, which I thought was just lactose intolerance but I got tested properly and it does make sense as foods like cheese made me so very, very ill as a child (but then again cheese is my biggest hate in life anyway!!) and milk, cream and butter bring my skin out in a nasty red bumpy rash!! I seem to be okay with most chocolate but I’m very interested in dairy free recipes and dairy free sweet alternatives etc.

7. I am happiest when I am travelling I love it so very, very much! I adore exploring new cultures and visiting new places. My Mum and Dad decided early on to that the best education I could have was to travel widely and I’m so, so grateful to them for the amazing opportunities, rather than to keep me at a posh school with funny hats! haha. As a result….

8. I adore road trips! But I’m quite an anti social road-tripper because I really love using it as my alone and thinking time, haha. I try, where possible to find a new village to visit, or a scenic coastal spot I want to visit, and I take a sketch book and that’s where I plan a lot of my creative ideas to be honest :).

9. I really, really love maps! I have so, so many in my car that my Dad kindly gave me when I passed my driving test as he was so happy I had such an interest! You know when you’re flying on a semi long distance and they have the little TV screen map of the journey? Well, that’s me happy for x many of hours, and then I like to look up all the places we went over! I love planning routes too and love planning driving routes for friends and family too. Gosh, I’m such a flippin geek, I really am! haha.
10. I really, really miss ELLE Girl magazine and Borders! I used to get Teen Vogue for a mere £2 in 2004, £2! Apart from Company Magazine I’m not sure what I would read now. I miss the olden’ magazine days dearly. But I always have my head in a fashion/beauty/craft magazines because I adore the creativity and inspiration.

11. I’m teetotal! I can’t stand the taste and smell of alcohol full stop. I cannot drink for medical reasons now anyway but before it was a struggle to try to like it!

12.I have emetaphobia….a fear of sickness….another reason for the above to be honest!

13. I have never read a fiction book in my life. I always feel so very ashamed to admit this but I just cannot sit down and read a book because I have a very short attention span and I have always been more interested in creative activities such as painting, drawing, music, sewing, etc growing up. I do read non-fiction books but I would never ever read it back to front, I read in a chaotic order, sometimes back to front, and it must have lots of imagery in! I always feel so guilty because I got an A for A Level English Literature, and I yet I didn’t read a single book….! I’m quite a good blagger I think! But I do absolutely adore stories, I love Jane Austen so very, very much, I just learnt the BBC show off by heart! *shame*.

14. I’m not a big film lover/go-er. Again I have a short attention span so I just get a bit bored really! I also don’t own a DVD player and never have, and I don’t own many DVDs. I think I have five max!

15. Iceland is one of the most fascinating, and one of the most enchanting countries I have ever visited. I cannot describe what it is exactly, but it illustrates a very authentic environment which is just, well, magical I think. It’s a country full of contrasting elements with such a strange dynamic coexistence between extreme heat and cold, and battles between water and fire, the sea and geysers, volcanoes and of course, ice! You feel you have such a sense to how the world is made, the secrets to how the world is made in fact, and if you’ve never been I would so recommend a visit.

16. I have a teeny fear of fire so I cannot light a candle for a cake or anything like that. Weird, I know!

17. I have never used nor had a desire to pick up a bottle of fake tan in my life. I’ve always adored my pale skin.

18. I’ve also never ever dyed my hair ever, and my red hair is my only favourite feature.

19. I’m the worst parker in existence! Due to point 2 my spatial awareness isn’t fabulous so I’m just extremely cautious and always look up car parks in advance of my travels! I tend to go to the top floor of multi-story car parks, and I’m always early so I know I can get a good spot, haha.

20. I worked at LUSH for nearly 5 years throughout my studies, so if you ever need LUSH advice or help getting a job there I’m very happy to offer an ear :).

21. I have a jaw problem and because the operation for it sounds horrible I have been looking into Invisalign....the only downside to this is the expense so I will keep you all updated!

22. I don't like tea or coffee….OR hot chocolate.

23. I only drink orange juice and water. So, yes, I’m a cheap date, right? ;).

24. I love anything weird and children sized and have a massive obsession with Pom Bears and things like that!

Enter video caption here
25. I have been obsessed with this song again lately. It reminds me of The Hills and doing my A Level homework!

Now it’s your turn! Link away my pretties to your blog if you’ve done this post, I really want to read 25, 20, 30, or however many facts you would like to do, go for it :).



  1. The thing you're saying about the dycalcudia I can relate to, I am horrendous at maths and can't do simple sums without counting on my fingers or using a calculator. I learned to tell the time at 17 but still get mixed up when the clock doesn't have numbers. My family used to say that I was dyslexic but with numbers but I didn't realise this was such a thing and have never been diagnosed. Great post :-) xxx

  2. Aww thank you, it is definitely worth googling as I have since found lots of online resources. All the best <3 xoxo

  3. i love those posts, they cheer my up sooo much.
    just came across your blog and its so lovely.

    1. Hi Elena! Aww thank you so much, will definitely check out your blog <3 xoxo

  4. wow! what a great post! im inspired! :)
    one fact about me is that i like spoilers! like for a movie, i would immediately go to the ending. haha

    1. Haha, that's like me, but with books :D xoxo


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