Music Monday: Bastille

I’m so excited to talk about my Music Monday band today because I think they are an act many of you will have no doubt heard somewhere and somehow. Let me introduce you to a band called Bastille who whilst only formed in 2010 are quite frankly owing the music scene right now. In 2011 they played at prestigious festivals Glastonbury and Isle of Wight and in 2012 rocked Leeds and Reading. They also have TV shows ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’ to add their ever growing CV.

You probably know them from the track 'Flaws' which is just the sweetest, sweetest song and has something so enchanted about it that I instantly fell in love. Their latest track 'Pompeii' however stole my heart in equal measures. It's like the fiery, brash sister to ‘Flaws’ which instantly grabs your attention with the choral 'eh-eh-oh' chanting coupled with lush arrangement of brightest synth-pop that has smash hit written all over it. Honestly, that chorus will stay in your head all day long and because it’s constructed so beautifully, it will not annoy your ears in the slightest!

I predict massive things for Bastille this year, and I’m also so happy their supporting Two Door Cinema club, another band I love! If you want to download ‘Pompeii’ it’s released on 24th February and their debut album ‘Bad Blood’ will follow later this year. Are there any other Bastille fans out there?



  1. Bastille fan up in hurrr! I absolutely love them and love 'Sleepsong'.

    They deserve to be huge this year.

    Allie xo
    Ignoring The Changing Room Mirror

    1. Yay, so pleased you love them too. 'Sleepsong' is a beauty I totally agree :) xoxo


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