Lush Comestics Foxy Knot Wrap Valentine’s Day

lush-cosmestics-foxy-knot-wrap019023022024 I adore LUSH Valentine’s Day products but I’m so sad to see that hardly any of my fave products have not returned! You’ll see in a flashback post here that 2011 was particularly amazing. Anyway, on a recent trip to LUSH I did fall in love with this sweet Fox knot wrap design which was just so cute I had to get it! Inside is LUSH’s iconic bath ballistic, ‘Sex Bomb’ a truly beautiful concoction of jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang and a lovely synthetic cruelty free musk, complete with a sweet pink rose centre. I picked one of these up just this weekend on my way back from London so sadly my ballistic has split in half, but it’s going to be just as amazing anyway!

I seriously love the LUSH Knot Wrap idea. There’s some seriously amazing facts that surrounds this range. For example, did you know that that the above knot- wrap is printed on Greenspun fabric, made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles? Seriously, can you imagine that? So, just two 500ml plastic bottles created the above beauty. What’s more, Greenspun saved three million bottles from landfill last year by making them into various fabrics, including LUSH’s knot-wraps. They make the perfect gift wrap for just about everything and I always have one in my hand bag to put little bits and bobs in I have purchased so they don’t get lost and so I don’t have to use any plastic bags from shops, which is truly a pet hate, especially the Boots and Superdrug bags, gah!

So if you fancy picking up this limited edition design called ‘Foxy’ then click here. Is anyone else a LUSH Knot Wrap fan?



  1. 2 bottles to create a piece of clothing? Really?! I didn't even know that was possible! The 'sex bomb' looks amazing!

    1. Seriously, I kid you not! It's honestly incredible, I love facts like this :) xoxo

  2. The fox print is so cute xx

  3. Wow that is incredible! I can't believe it is made out of plastic bottles

    Amy x
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