Favourites: January 2013

Hello my lovelies! So the first month of 2013 has come and gone. I hope it's been a good one for you all. I feel like I still need to get myself seriously organised but overall, despite the snow it has been a good one! I'm not sure my favourites are hugely exciting this month as it's been quite busy and I found it hard to collect my thoughts but I have definitely become extremely fond of the below. Enjoy! :).
1. Sugarpill Cosmetics Sweetheart Eye Shadow Palette

Back in the day (how old do I want to sound, geez!) I was such a eye shadow bright colour magpie and I adored experimenting with lushly pigmented, full on colour impact shades. I would for example use a wet eyeliner brush and use a bright eye shadow as a fun eyeliner etc. For a while now the Sugarpill cosmetics line has interested me so very much because I have long been a fan of the creator Shrinkle and everything about this brand, from the packaging to the shades screamed me! I adore the green and blue and I've just been having fun wearing them and getting back to my colourful roots. A full review will be up soon, but if you're wanting to try the brand, I buy it from Love-Make Up a UK based site.
2. Love From Hetty and Dave Tartan Deer Purse

If you follow me on Instragram you will most definitely have spied this little purse in one of my photos, because I take it everywhere with me! I just love it so very much. It combines so many of my favourite things, including tartan, ickle red toad stools and of course, that little deer, which is the cutest! My lovely crafty chum Zoe from Love From Hetty and Dave created this beauty, and yes she's the same talent behind those ridiculously cute animal shoes! I can't find this purse on her website but if you want it, maybe email the super lovely lady herself and say Georgie sent you :).
3. LUSH Sex Bomb Ballistic

I have completely fallen in love again with this bath ballistic this month! In fact, I blogged about it just the other day. Sometimes scents are so hard to explain, but ‘Sex Bomb’ is so easy to imagine as it's just literally a jasmine dream! But also throw in a pinch of clary sage, ylang ylang and a lovely synthetic cruelty free musk, complete with a sweet pink rose centre that delicately floats around (a nice kind of pointless!!) But I seriously love this one, and if you haven't tried it, do so next time you visit LUSH!
4. LUSH The Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly

I kind of feel a bit bad blogging about this because it's sadly been discontinued recently but before it did, my friend nabbed one for me as even though I haven't used any for forever and a day it's sometimes when a product gets discontinued from LUSH you realise that you have a bit of a soft spot for it! I remember the shower jellies so fondly as I spent many years at LUSH being the 'shower jelly demo girl' and watching children didn't eat any (a challenge I can tell you now!), haha. If you've never used a shower jelly from LUSH then you may be convinced it is actually food but I'd strongly advise you do NOT eat this stuff! Just pinch a bit off, massage it into a shower poof and wash like you would with shower gel. It leave the skin exceptionally soft, and the reason I've loved it ever so recently is because it has the exact same scent as 'Sex Bomb' so I just adore smelling it! There's a link to the product here but like I said, it's sadly been discontinued. My only pet peeve is the use of sodium laureth sulfate.
5. Britney Spears 'Curious' Perfume

Come on now my fellow blogging chums, for how many of you did this become your first ever perfume? I'm going to put my hand up because this was it for me, well one of! I haven't used it for possibly ten years now, or a long time anyway, but I so, so love this scent. I mean yes okay so it's not exactly a 'classic' but I just, well, love it! Completely running out of adjectives today!! For those that don't know the scent is a blend of white floral, Louisiana magnolia (from Britney's home town) and a stunning vanilla-infused musk. You guys know how much I adore vanilla! Because this fragrance has been out forever you'll definitely be able to get it quite cheaply, my friend actually kindly gave me this because they hadn't used it for so long but it's just as beautiful.
 6. MAC Cosmetics 'Cork' Eye Shadow

Lately I've switched up my brows because I was getting a bit tired of dragging round my big ol' eyebrow kit just because it happened to be the only reddy-brown I could find! I longed for a nice portable eye shadow I could just pop in my overnight bag or whatever when going away and the loveliest girl at the Liverpool MAC store helped me find this shade and I cannot believe it was 'Cork', a colour I have loved forever anyway! It works so well for my brows and I can also use it as a shadow when going away so it's perfect.
7. MAC Cosmetics 'Creme Cup' Lipstick

I'm very much a seasonal lipstick wearer: I'm all about dark reds in winter and pinks and nudes in spring. Well, now I feel that spring is so nearly in our reach, I wanted to break out my pastel, soft pink lipsticks. So I've been rocking 'Creme Cup' a lot lately because it's a lovely blue-based fun pink that goes with absolutely everything and because it's a cremesheen it's lovely and moisturising. Win, win!
8. Origins Sensory Therapy Peach of Mind On-The-Spot-Relief

I feel like this is a really under-rated, not talked about enough product! I have already reviewed it on my blog from a while ago and I actually always carry it around in my handbag. I feel like I need to be really careful with this product because I actually use it in situations where I feel a little anxious or stressed and I don't want to suggest that 'this will melt away your issues' in this respect, however in times when I feel a bit run down or for times lately when I have had to travel a bit on trains, (something I get a bit shamefully stressed about) this has just always come to my rescue, and I really love it. You can read more from the Origins website here.
 9. Lauren Conrad 'Beauty' Book
I have so enjoyed reading this book this month, when I can fit it in! It's taken me the whole month to finish it because I just spend 5 minutes looking at it each night before bed. To save my ramblings, head over to my little review of this book here.
10. Marina and The Diamonds 'Lies'

For the past month I have had Marina and The Diamond's 'Electra Heart' album in my car and I love it ever so!! Marina has always been such a huge style crush and I adore the whole Hollywood sugar kitsch styling she has created for this release. There are so, so many wonderful tracks from this whole album I don't even know where to start but I thought I would include this track called 'Lies' because it's exceptionally beautiful, especially sung acousitcally, and Marina looks just so adorable in the video. And just how gorgeous is Marina's make up here? Love!

And that's January all wrapped up! I hope it's been a wonderful month for you all like I said, and I'd love to know what you've loved this month :).



  1. Electra Heart is such a cute album, I like to listen to it when I'm going to college! The little deer purse is adorable xx

  2. I need that deer purse in my life! x

  3. Electra Heart is such a good album. I like Starring Role.

  4. I remember first picking up Curious for a fiver at a beauty stall in my university's SU. I wore it every day until it ran out. I've repurchased so many times since xx

  5. That deer purse is absolutely adorable! I need a new shadow (or alternative) for my eyebrows. I feel like what I'm using currently is too ginger to look natural. Perhaps I'll try Cork out :)


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