Favourites: December 2012

The last month of 2012, who can believe it! Good grief, hasn’t time flown etc, etc? ;). Anyway here’s what I have loved in December even though this month has been so crazy busy, I have rounded up a few favourites. I’m not doing a favourites of the year post this year because I just couldn’t get my brain around what I have loved the most, but please do let me know in the comments as I’d love to know!

bioderma1. Bioderma - Crealine H20 Solution Micellaire Cleanser

The beauty blogger product of the moment I swear! As I’m a sucker to hype I picked up some of this when I was recently in Madrid as I noticed all of the pharmacies were selling it and I know that a) it’s kind of become a cult cleanser and b) it’s pretty hard to get hold of here in the UK. Well normally I swear by LUSH Ultrabland or LUSH’s 9 to 5 cleansing lotion and I must admit I do prefer both of these cleansers to the Bioderma but whilst I have temporarily been without the LUSH cleansers I have enjoyed using it. It does indeed leave skin feeling very soft and subtle and absolutely doesn’t irritate my skin or leave it feeling tight. I don’t quite get the cult status it has but it’s certainly a very pleasant, quick cleanser I have enjoyed using this month.

cath kidston deer plate2. Cath Kidston Christmas Deer Plate

Oh gosh I am so in love with the Cath Kidston deer range this Christmas, it’s beyond cute!! I finally have a Cath Kidston store near me now so I spend far too much time wanting everything but I just couldn’t leave this behind on my last visit. It’s a sweet vintage illustration of a deer in a Christmas theme. It’s so cute I kind of don’t want to eat from it so I’m going to use it in my room as decor. To be honest I could just have it on my bedside and admire the cuteness, it’s very much a beautiful unnecessary purchase!! Click here to shop the deer range online.

inecto pure coconut oil3. Inecto Purre Coconut Oil Glossing Spray

Lately my hair has been ultra shiny and it confused me as I haven’t altered my hair care regime in a while. It suddenly dawned on me that I had been using this product more as it was something I purchased many moons ago and shamefully forgot about it but oh wow, what a gem! This leave your hair so super shiny and sleek and it has the most delicious musky coconut scent which I adore. And not that horrible synthetic coconut scent, it really does smell of coconuts! I think I purchased this at Superdrug but sadly can’t remember as I’ve nearly run out and I must purchase some more. If anyone happens to see this out and about do let me know!

kiko mat fluid4. Kiko Mat Fluid Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid

In the winter I need a lot of moisturise for my face otherwise my eczema just goes ker-razy so I have been using this every morning and I have to say my skin really, really loves it. I purchased this when I went to Malaga a little while ago but have only used it sparingly, but this month I have used it every day and it’s very nice indeed. It leaves my skin very nourished but most importantly, not oily at all. In fact the main benefit is to mattify and I definitely feel it does that. It’s a wonderful base for make up. I think Kiko now have a concession within Westfield (not sure which one!) in London, but if you fancy getting hold of some you can now buy it online here.

Lime crime candy apple carousel gloss5. Lime Crime Candy Apple Carousel Gloss

There’s nothing I adore more than red lips, and if glitter is involved, I love it even more! I actually hadn’t planned to get any Lime Crime stuff at as I’m not a fan of ordering make up online unless I know the brand well but I fell head over heels in love with this mirror which I had to have in my life and I then did a little browse at the other things and I fell also for this lipgloss. Now I own it it is to be honest just like a MAC Dazzleglass from smell to consistency but the pigment is pretty incredible, I had the idea to pair this with a red lippie but honestly, this stuff can hold its own well and truly!! The packaging is also ridiculously beautiful. Have a little look at it online here.

lush cinders bath ballistic6. LUSH Cosmetics Cinders Bath Ballistic

This little beauty is the scent of Christmas, I adore it! Such a lovely cinnamon spicy smell with a citrus kick, it’s the perfect winter bath bomb with perfect popping candy evoking a winter fire place. Just beautiful. I stock up on a million of these throughout December, and if you’re lucky you may be able to find some 50% off in the big LUSH end of year sale! For more information click here.

lush furze7. LUSH Cosmetics Furze Perfume

You all know my two favourite scents are coconut and vanilla, so whenever they are combined, well, that’s pretty much perfection to me! I was kindly given this perfume for my birthday and it’s so very lovely. It’s a very soft fragrance with warm creamy notes of  coconut and vanilla but also a floral note of furze as the perfume name, which is a British plant also known as gorse. It’s a very pleasant everyday perfume and I have been enjoying wearing it. I only wish the coconut and vanilla were more pronounced and that it lasted longer on the skin. Read more about it here.

sleek beauty balm8. Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm

I haven’t been very into beauty balms because they never ever seem to cater for pale skin but thank goodness for Sleek for realising that some of us have snow white complexions! But it’s not just the fact it runs very pale but also, this stuff is magical. I’m not really a foundation girl because I find it too heavy for day to day wear but this is just so lovely. Full to the brim with vitamins and an added SPF it’s so so lovely to wear day to day and covers any imperfections perfectly. I might do a full review of this but basically, I love it! Find out more here.

topshop slippers hellokitty slippers9. Topshop Kitty Cat Slippers and Primark Hello Kitty Slippers

Okay, two things sharing spot number 9 is kind of breaking the favourites top 10 rules, but I see these as being together! I’m not sure what has come over me but I am in love with slippers lately and it seems in particular slippers that are somehow cat themed….although it wasn’t intentional! But oh my aren’t they the cutest? And so gloriously comfy too! Sadly I can’t find the exact Topshop ones online except for these which are similar.

10. ‘Merry Xmas’ Dragonette

There haven’t been many bands to take on the huge risk of making a Christmas single but Dragonette have decided it was obviously a challenge worth making and in doing so they produced what can only be described as something so very cute! Maybe an odd choice of word for a Christmas song but listen to it and you’ll see why! Anyhow, I’ve loved listening to this song this month.

And that’s it my pretties, my favourites for the last month of 2012 all wrapped up. So do feel free to tell me what you’ve loved, and I’m wishing you all a very, very happy new year.



  1. I usually don't like Cath Kidston stuff but that deer plate is ridiculously cute!

  2. I adore Lush's Cinder Ballistic but this year i couldn't get hold of any because they had sold out :(

    I adore those Hello Kitty slippers i've searched in every Primark i can get to close to me & not had any luck in finding them :(


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