Butterfly Hair Accessory Clips Photo Shoot

The last three weekends have all had one thing in common: a photo shoot! It's been so, so wonderful to work with, and to meet so many creative, lovely people, and to come together to create beautiful images for my Spring Summer 2013 collections for my shop. This weekend I took all my little butterflies on an adventure to Kensington, a beautiful and affluent district of London, a place where you feel for a mere two seconds you're living the life of those Made in Chelsea girls!

This little collection was shot at the Kensington Roof Gardens where I met up with my amazing team which included Tom Simmonds, who I have wanted to work with for such a long time but it took us months to make it happen (very much because I am hopeless at organising things!!) Tom works a lot with the very beautiful Stephanie, who you'll probably recognise from my other look books so that worked perfectly, and then we were joined by Kat for make up magic. A lot of you will know Kat from her amazing blog so it was so lovely to work with another blogger on this project! Also a special thank you to the lovely Keely from Kee Boutique for lending us this beautiful cream lace dress for the shoot! Please check out her pretty dresses which I adore.

There is a huge difficulty in shooting for spring and summer collections in the winter because naturally it's England, and if it's not raining, it's just too cold to spend hours outside taking photos! However, Tom found us a fabulous indoors (but looked outdoors!) location at the Roof Gardens. It was such a stunning location, and the gardens themselves are divided into three themes I believe: a Spanish Moorish style, Tudor style and an English woodland design.

I have normally stuck my little butterflies to trees in my garden and photographed them that way but I wanted something really special for this season and I was so lucky to work with this wonderful team, and I cannot wait to see the end results!



  1. These photos are lovely and the butterflies in the hair is a great idea!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. these photos are so pretty I love the one with the pony tail :)x

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  4. What lovely photos.The butterflies are so pretty. Rachelle X


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