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003009018014019You know those times when your feet are aching because you have either been partying the night away or have just spent one hour too long in your most favourite heels? Yep, we’ve all been there! Now, by choice I am a heels girl through and through but lately I have been forced into wearing flat shoes more and more. I do however occasionally rebel, but when I do, at the end of the day, my feet are paying for it!! For a year or two now I keep noticing foldable flat shoes everywhere, particularly in Miss Selfridge and New Look (shamefully worked here too but did I get any with a discount? Of course not, far too obvious, doh!!) and always think what a genius invention they are but for some reason never pick any up. Well a while ago I was lucky enough to be sent some foldable shoes from Red Foot Shoes. I would actually just like to say how very, very sorry I am to the company for the lateness in getting this post up as I normally use Windows Live Writer to create my blog posts but it ate ten or so of my posts a little while ago, and what with the Clothes Show and dodgy health I am ridiculously behind on my blog!! But I am so thankful to be contacted as for so long I have been so curious about foldable shoes and I am so excited to now have some.

So the idea of Red Foot Shoes are that rather than simple bog standard black shoes that have the foldable technology, Red Foot created foldable shoes that were super-stylish that fit perfectly into your handbag. They feature a unique patented split-sole folding technology meaning they are durable, hard working and comfortable, yet fold completely in half. It’s all rather clever really! I thought at first they would be a bit uncomfortable but to my great surprise they fit like a glove and are ridiculously comfy, in fact so much so that I kind of want to wear them out and about no heels involved! I picked a size 5 but the shoes actually run in small, medium and large for the most part. So, being a size 5 I fall into the medium category. Having said that, I have extremely wide feet and I am really a size 4, so if you have this same problem then I would go up a size. I thought being a medium size 5/6 they would be too big and sloopy but like I said, they fit like a glove! The only teeny tiny thing I would point out is that I found them a tad slippy in very wet conditions, so just don’t run the marathon in them!!

Design wise, this is where Red Foot really stand out! I picked the design called ‘Midnight Hour’ as I just knew they would go with absolutely every thing I own, and also every single possible outfit. They really do look just so, so luxurious, perfectly nailing the Baroque trend, and you could never imagine that they have such a functional purpose! They are made from black sumptuous satin shrouded in dark gems which Red Foot gorgeously describe as being ‘seductive and enigmatic’ with a flexi-Sole technology and a hidden 1cm foam wedge in the heel for luxurious comfort and support. Just beautiful. But for £29.99 you would expect such quality, and if you’re looking for glamorous shoes to replace your evening heels then these are perfect.
If you want to read a bit more about the very shoes above then click here. It also gives you ways to wear the shoes through outfit suggestions and I love that feature. I would definitely recommend Red Foot shoes to anyone looking to buy very good quality, handmade in the UK foldable shoes. I think these would be perfect for holidays too and they would fit perfectly into a weekend bag.

I hope you enjoyed this little review about Red Hot foldable shoes. Does anyone else own any, and if not, is it something that interests you?



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