Merry Christmas to one and all

photo (4)viewerMy wonderful, dear readers. I have just started the Christmas lunch (I got short strawed into doing it all!) but I wanted to come on here because I am wishing you and yours an amazing Christmas season, full of love and blessings. Thank you very, very much for all your love and support to me always. I am honestly forever grateful I truly am.

Oh and how beautiful is this illustration by the incredible Malia from Deep Fried Freckles she created for my shop, Beauxoxo. Please like her page pretties you can also read her blog here.

So, nothing more to say other than to wish you all a truly lovely day. I am however thinking of those who are not here for Christmas or are without home or away at work. I must admit that since my Grandpa passed away nearly two ago now I do find this time of year extremely hard so I am truly thinking of those in a similar position.

Lots of love,


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