Looking Back on 2012

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I use this image every single year because it’s such a simple image and yet I love that simpleness of washing away the old year, however new or bad, and welcoming in new times. I actually find putting words together in a post like this quite challenging as I have sadly never had a way with words, but I spent a little time writing a message on my Facebook page here but I just wanted to echo some similar thoughts here. So as 2012 draws to a close (and I know many of you are well and truly into 2013, so happy new year already international lovelies!) I just wanted to take a few moments to share a little message with you all. When a year ends it does make me reflect on the year that has passed and ultimately recalling what I am grateful for. Well, really and truly, without sounding excruciatingly soppy (yet failing!), it really does come down to you.

This time last year, well all of 2011, was very, very challenging for me. I have never felt completely comfortable in opening up about things so much like other bloggers do so effortlessly, and perhaps if I did I would find it cathartic and one of the best things I could think to do, and yet I’ve always been so awkward like this! I have a hard enough time sharing feelings with close family in friends, and even myself! Despite these personal circumstances that continue, if you had told me last year I would be running my hobby as a full time job I probably would have laughed it off! In fact, I know I did. I returned from the Clothes Show Live last year full of hope and optimism but it was just that: an exhilarating experience to sell my wares in such a massive venue and the whole explosion of exciting events that followed from it was unbeknown to me. But something this year changed. I relied on my shop to keep me sane, to keep my spirits up, and I was creating far more hair accessories than is ever necessary for one girl to own (although I’d argue having 100s of hair bows isn’t that bad really! ;) ). So I took a risk and I slowly started to make the massive, nerve wracking step into self employment.

With this, and with great regret I neglected my blog terribly and for that I kind of curse myself. For if it wasn’t for you guys, who came along with me on this whole journey, I know I wouldn’t be doing what I am today. You all gave me the encouragement, that extra push that I so needed as I never in a million years thought I could make a living from something I loved so dearly. I’ve been blogging now for about 5 years, possibly, my maths is appalling! But anyway, it’s pretty near 5 years and good grief that’s scary!! Whilst feeling slightly aged when I start thinking numbers I seriously need to tell you how thankful I am. But, frustratingly so, words can't express the gratitude I feel. There will never be words that fully sum up just how thankful I am. My thankfulness is perpetual and your support, encouragement, and even friendship mean so much to me. I could not live this destiny with Beauxoxo without your love and support. I had the great fortune of meeting so many of you at the Clothes Show this year and it honestly made the visit for me. I have never, ever taken my blog seriously, I was just incredibly bored at Uni and wanted so desperately to write about pretty things but now I think more than ever that I want to marry my shop and my blog so that they are one big family, a sister act perhaps!

From next year I am giving my blog a complete makeover and it will still be ‘Dreams That Glitter xoxo’ but it will hopefully visually look like my shop, and I will be posting tons, and tons more than I do now. I’m planning a lot more craft and DIY tutorials that I’m so happy people are interested in, and I will also post about my outfits more, maybe room decor and also more city travel guides and things like that I was never sure if people would be interested in, but I am bursting with ideas I simply must blog about!

So, until I reveal more about my new makeover, which may be a few weeks yet, I am wishing you and yours the most wonderful 2013 full of love and blessings. An eternal thank you for sticking by me all these years, for reading this and I’m sending my love to you all ♥

Georgie xoxo


  1. Awwww, I just want to give you a massive hug! *hugs ya* You are incredibly creative - I love your blog, your creations and your style. I hope we will see a lot more outfit photos in 2013! :]

  2. I'm so pleased how successful Beauxoxo has become! I've had so many compliments on the bow I bought from you at the clothes show, everyone has loved it! I hope that this year is just as successful for you, you deserve it so much! xx


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