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When I was at the Clothes Show Live this year (more on this will be blogged about at the weekend!) I was as always pleased to see the Eylure stand as you all know how much I adore my false lashes. I couldn't help but do a double take when I noticed this beaut pop-art side to the stand, and to my delight it was in fact a poster for the new Katy Perry lash collection. I know this is kind of old news to most beauty bloggers but I have kind of been living under a rock lately! If you have been the same, then basically it is a Katy Perry and Eylure collection part two with a strong Pop Art colour pop influence. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am for this new release my pretties! I think this probably comes close to my Marilyn Monroe and MAC collection release excitement as I absolutely adore Pop Art and Katy Perry is the perfect girl for this look.

Basically they are described as being, 'a pop of colour (color for my US readers) for lashes' as each lash has a slight tint to it which I think is such a fun idea as otherwise the lashes are kind of nothing new, but that little pop of colour is going to really lift a make up look. From this description I am instantly reminded of the Eylure Girls Aloud Sarah lashes from the Festival collection that had that red tint. You can see what they looked like here from my ye olde blog post. There is then a random set of individual lashes which as far as I can see don't have the tint so they are kind of normal lashes dressed up in a cute box!! Still, I am so excited for this collection, I really cannot wait. 

Here's a little look at the lashes close up with a description from Eylure below:
Oh Wow, Ka-Pow! These violet tipped beauties area special gift for all eye shades, but will add extra POW-er to brown hued eyes. Be your own alter ego by ditching the dull and buffing up those beautiful eyes. It really is your brand new secret weapon. Holy Lash power! -Eylure
Make room for Ka-Boom! It’s the secret agent working for the blue-tification of most eye colors, yet will really add snap and pop to the blue-y shades. One flutter of your super-powered peepers and you’ll never look back. Introducing...Gal Wonder! -Eylure
It’s m’thingKa-Ching! A normal gal by day, a fabulously lashed super-vixen by night.  This proud-as-a-peacock toned lash is the best sidekick a busy-beauty can have. It works with all eye colors, helps you look amazing and works your look tirelessly for hours! Ka-ka-ka-ka-CHING! -Eylure
Scuse me ma’am, its Ka-Zaam! Your eyes are moments away from a Superhero makeover. Little lash flares are made to be built up into something truly fabulous. Go all out and use all three jewel tones in one look or pick your favorite and layer them up to skyscraper heights. Zoinks!  -Eylure

Sadly for my UK readers I think the lashes are not released until January but otherwise I think you can get hold of them now, you lucky things! But what do you all make of this collection? Will you be picking some up? My review of the original Katy Perry lashes is here.



  1. I love that these aren't too 'in your face' and tacky looking like some coloured lashes often are, they look fab! I would definitely pick some up if I had an occasion for them.

    Hannah x

  2. I really want to try these lashes but I'm AWFUL at applying any kind of false lashes!


  3. I'm not into false lashes myself because i wouldn't even know where to start with applying them!

    I'm a sucker for the packaging though i love it! Very eye catching & colourful

  4. These look awesome. I'll be keeping an eye out for them:)
    Sara xx


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