Favourites: November 2012

Oh November, where have you gone! But actually this has been a good month. I had such a wonderful time in Madrid and a lovely day on my birthday. Otherwise it has been pretty manic preparing for the Clothes Show Live which has left me no time to blog whatsoever, but here’s what I have loved in November. Let me know as always your thoughts and loves!

0051. Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

The one good thing about flying from London Heathrow is the shopping and I was so pleased to find a mini Victoria’s Secret beauty part in terminal 5 as I have wanted this body spray for a while now. My two favourite fragrances in the world are vanilla and coconut so a body spray made up entirely of the two is absolute perfection to me! It smells so, so beautiful and not too synthetic-y. The bottle is also beautiful and the scent lasts forever on me so sometimes I have used it instead of a perfume.

0082. LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

To me, this is such an iconic LUSH product. I have used it for so, so many years now. I think something scary like 8 years actually, oh gosh (I grew up with LUSH, just to point out that I’m not entirely ancient, haha). But anyway, this is a product I have used for years but I go through stages, I’ll buy it, love it and then don’t get it for ages. Well I treated myself to a bottle recently (but I massively miss the old school tubs) and it’s such a beautiful soft jasmine scent. Sometimes I am truly decadent and use this before I use clean bed sheets and nighties and stuff, which is just a little lushy tip for you all there! It’s a absolute classic, and whilst I prefer Vanilla Puff (because I’m a vanilla fiend!) this is such a beauty.

0103. MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe ‘Legendary’ Powder Blusher

I actually did a whole post about the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection so because I don’t want to bore you all as you can read all about that here but basically this limited edition blush called ‘Legendary’ is a gorgeous soft coral that works perfectly with every autumnal/winter make up look you can imagine and that’s why it has become such a favourite. I find myself using it as my go-to at the moment.

0134. LUSH Herbalism Facial Cleanser

More LUSH? Sorry but yes, I’m just still such a LUSH girl! I worked there for years and like I said, I grew up with LUSH so many of the products have seen me through my younger years! One such product is Herbalism. Now, I hadn’t used this products for years and years after I left because I have always been so in love with Angels on Bare Skin but a little while ago I had a few random breakouts because my skin was beautifully peeling from a bit of eczema on my face because  I had to apply heavy lotions to my face. As  result my skin was becoming a bit clogged city so I went to get Herbalism. Herbalism is an incredible cleanser for spot prone skin. Within two days my skin had cleared. It really is a complete miracle worker and now I am still enjoying using this stuff (despite the awful vinegar scent and green flannel stains!) because it leaves my skin so soft, redness free and keeps spots at bay. Don’t overlook this cleanser next time you’re in LUSH, it’s really very special.

0275. Witch Anti Blemish BB Beauty Balm

This is something I probably wouldn’t have purchased on my own accord but I actually won this from the lovely A Million Dresses and I’m so glad I did! This is a beauty balm with an SPF 15 and also works as a blemish controller all in one. I surprised myself with how much I like this, in fact I love it! It keeps my skin lovely and clear, and I find on most days I can use just a teeny amount on this and it covers redness and everything else in between. The only one thing I wish was that it could have a lighter shade as I have to mix it to make it paler, but hey, when you’re Snow White pale that is always the case!! Anyway, I would highly recommend this.

0356. Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

I picked this up a while ago free with Tatler but I stashed it in my travel make up bag to take away to Madrid with me. I absolutely LOVE this mascara! I don’t know whether it is the formula or the brush but it applies like a dream, holds the curl so perfectly and I would really recommend it. It is however £17 I think which I always cringe a little at for mascara, but I’ll think about it, I do really love it!

0367. Jessica ‘Company Crimson’ Nail Polish

There’s one thing I love at this time of year and it’s a beautiful deep red crimson nail polish. To me it epitomises autumn/winter make up. Funny then that I just had to pick this up when I saw it was free with Company magazine! For some reason, I purchased Company magazine at the start of the month and there wasn’t a freebie, I then got a copy from W H Smiths and it had oddles of freebies, odd! Anyway, I just love it. It’s not different from anything else I own, of course, but I love it ;).

0099. Lulubelle’s Cupcakes

It was my birthday on the 27th and so one thing I adore in November is treating myself to birthday cupcakes! Baking is not my thing, so I treat myself to ones from Lulubelle’s as her cupcakes are fabulous and so pretty! In you fancy reading more about the day, skip along to this post here.

10. ‘Figure 8’ Ellie Goulding

As always, I leave the last favourite to a song I’ve been loving and this month I am utterly obsessed with Ellie Goulding’s second album ‘Halycon’. It’s currently my car album, and it’s perfect driving material! One track I love is called ‘Figure 8’, which is truly addictive! Her voice and the production is really perfect, and whilst dubstep isn’t something I adore, it wins me over where Ellie Goulding is concerned!

And that’s it! What have you loved in November? Let me know in the comments please!



  1. I really want to try the Witch's BB, I'd only seen it in shops but haven't heard anything about it :) I'm glad to hear it's good, I'll think I'll get some :) x

  2. I wish I had seen that Jessica polish was free with Company! It's gorgeous xx

  3. I love the witch bb cream too I managed to pick it up whilst it was on offer in superdrug :) The concealer from the same range is fantastic too! I will definitely look out for herbalism in lush I've never noticed it before but it sounds perfect for my skin! good luck at the clothes show! x


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