Superdrug Hello Kitty Make Up Range

The other day I went into Superdrug to stock up on my regulars. I made a list of things I had genuinely run out of and whilst okay I had no list on paper, I certainly had one in my mind! I was however not prepared to be greeted by this utterly adorable Hello Kitty collection! Where did this come from? I’m not sure if it has been talked about in the blogosphere but anyway I totally missed it.

The collection includes everything from Hello Kitty vanity kits, lashes, eye shadow palettes, mascara, eyeliner, nail polishes, lipsticks and more. I had to be massively restraint and just get the above because it’s an extremely affordable line with lipsticks at just £3.99 and nail polishes at £4.99. Let me show you all what I got :).

Hello Kitty Accessories Set

This is essentially your perfect manicure and grooming kit with nail file, tweezers, scissors and more. I was drawn into how compact it was and for £6.99 it’s the perfect thing to take on your travels! Interestingly the tweezers to buy separately are £4.99 and yet for £6.99 you get all of the above which is a far better deal, in my opinion! I love the little zip lock case it is in, it reminds me of the pencil cases that were all the range in the 90s and earl 00s (my era!!) with rulers, rubbers and pencil sharpeners one side with pencils and pens on the other side. Am I alone in remembering these? haha. The one teeny thing I’m not super keen on is the actual illustrations on the front, it’s a little too street art esque for me, but there’s no denying how fun it is, and I’m loving it for that! 

The lipsticks are super, super cute aren’t they? I mean at first I thought they were verging on being a tad tacky and maybe to some they are, but there’s just no denying how adorable they are! I love that the Hello Kitty heads match the lipstick shades too. I picked up three and here’s some swatches and thoughts.

This is a hot tomato red and I love it! I was so surprised at the pigmentation from this product, it’s really amazing for something that costs just £3.99. I mean it’s not entirely different to many red lipsticks out there but if you’re on a budget and wanted a red lipstick, definitely take a look at this. On my lips it had a orange/red undertone so it makes it very wearable. I’m very impressed!

Underground Queen
This was the most lacklustre lipstick out of the three, it doesn’t apply anything like the lipstick shade itself would suggest. You would think it to be a hot, hot pink but it’s just a slight neon tinge. I would skip this actually and get a Topshop lipstick like ‘Brighton Rock’ but it’s still okay, just not as good as the others and didn’t come out very strong.

Betz Believe
This is my current favourite lipstick! Love, love, love it. I was seriously thinking about not getting it at the time actually as I thought it would be really dark and a bit meh on it, but oh my, how wrong I was! It’s probably best described as a pink-browny nude. For me it’s the colour of my lips but darker so it looks really natural but has an amazing colour pay off and with one application makes your look really polished and gives a lovely colour pop to your natural lips. I honestly couldn’t recommend this more I think it will look gorgeous on everyone!

Nail Polish


This is a colour that grabbed my attention because I shamefully have others like it! The bottom photo doesn’t do it justice but it’s actually very similar to Barry M’s ‘Pink Flamingo’ which I did a NOTD for donkey years ago here. It applies really smoothly and evenly and the Hello Kitty shaped bottle is WAY too precious!! Like I said, not overly fond of the graffiti packaging bit, but the actual bottle is lush.

Beat Box

Opps….another colour I didn’t need, but it’s so pretty! I would describe this as a lilac with a grey tinge, again the bottom photo doesn’t really do the polish justice. But again applies so lovely and I think the colour is beautiful. I would recommend this for sure. And they are a steal at £4.99.

So that was my little Hello Kitty Superdrug review, and I hope you all enjoyed! But tell me, what do you all think? A tad tacky, or very cute? Will you be picking anything up? If you want to look at the collection online click here but I believe the collection is in most Superdrug stores. Whether this is limited edition or not I’m not sure, so if you do want something, I’d recommend snapping it up! And if you missed the MAC Hello Kitty collection it's not quite the same, but still really fun!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend thus far. In case you didn’t see my last post I am giving you the chance to win some seriously cute animal shoes, and if you liked this post you are going to LOVE these! Click here to check it out for yourself.



  1. the EXACT same thing happened to me this week...went in to get shampoo/cleansers other average stuff i was running low on, then BAM, i see this on display! i agree, i'm not so keen on the graffiti design, i think i would have preferred a more 'classic' cutesy hello kitty design if that makes sense. oh and i totally remember those pencilcases! anyway great review :) xo ♥ ♥

  2. Everything is so fun and colorful. Wish we had these here in Canada:)
    Sara xx

  3. Oh my gosh how cute. The red lipstick is amazing

  4. The packaging is ADORABLE! And those lipstick shades are lovely! Esp that hot red! x

  5. Ermahgerd. Herler Kerter.

    But really I need all of these things in my life. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty! :O x

  6. Why don't I live in the UK? This is such an adorable collection. I wish I could have a few the items just for the cute packaging.

  7. These are so cute- and I now want the lip products! Great post xx


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