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So a few weeks ago I started my little ‘Music Monday’ post inspired by the Twitter tag that goes around weekly and I’m so excited to talk about this act! I was going to mention them in my October favourites post but that kind of didn’t happen in the end as I went to Madrid and then had a nasty reaction to a flu jab, ahh!! You have to laugh at the latter however, utterly bizarre! haha.

Everything Everything are a relatively new UK band on the scene having formed in 2007 and now reside in Manchester. The band rose quickly to fame when they were revealed as part of the coveted BBC Sound of 2010 and also went on to support Snow Patrol on their UK tour which is where I first heard about them and witnessed their amazingness live.

For me the single that has truly launched them is ‘Cough Cough’. I was so happy to hear it play on the radio as I love seeing bands as support acts and suddenly bam, they are getting recognition of their own! This is the most infectious, quirky little song I have heard in forever. It really is such a breath of fresh air. Indie it is, but it’s also got something so different about it and when you hear it you want to listen until the end because it kind of drawns you in, and there’s not many songs with coughing in, which incidentally skilfully acts as an instrumental throughout!

In an interview with the UK music blog ‘There Goes the Fear in Leeds’ singer Jonathan Higgs commented about their music style, stating,  "we think of it as pop primarily but I think it’s a little bit more interesting. We try not to make it sound like a lot of things you’ve heard before, we don’t try but it tends to come out a bit like that. We’re not really interested in copying certain genres or anything, so I guess you’d say it’s unpredictable and sort of surprising." Bassist Jeremy Pritchard has said the band's intention is to "to avoid cliche, or the cliches expected of white men with guitars from Manchester" and sums up their sound as "highly stylised and deracinated, we're influenced by everything except 12-bar blues". Higgs count Nirvana, Radiohead, the Beatles, Destiny's Child, and R. Kelly as some of their very eclectic influences.

Well eclectic is is, and I love how fresh their sound is whilst re-modelling old sounds, but ultimately they have successfully created a sound so unique you sit up and take notice and think, ‘ahh that’s Everything Everything’! From the hip hop beats throughout, punchy staccato opening notes followed up by a beautiful harmonious backing which takes the song from fast to slow, fast to slow, this is a highly concentrated individual fresh record that is going to catapult them into the music industry.

If you love the song, you can download it from your preferred download website and their new album ‘Arc’ is released 14th January 2013.

I hope you all liked this ‘Music Monday’ post and I’ll be back next week with another act I’m loving. Have a wonderful week everyone!


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  1. Awesome video! I love it:)


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