Photo Shooting in London

 I feel like I could just collapse into this post, I’m a little tired but I had such a lovely day yesterday I wanted to blog about it quickly for you all before I sit down and run little various life errands!! Yesterday I was the luckiest girl in the world as I got to have a photo shoot with Kitty Gallannaugh for my shop and she really is one of the loveliest people I have ever, ever met. Oh gosh I sound like the biggest fan girl right now but you know when you just meet truly inspirational people and it feels your heart with joy? Kitty is just so dedicated to her craft and her passion for photography shines through so much that it was such a privilege to shoot this look book with her. If you look veeery closely at the above photos you will probably guess what the new range is but I’m going to wait until Kitty releases the photos until I announce it properly. All I’m going to say is that this collection is…a little risky, and no not like that (!!) but risky because it might be something that in my heads seems kind of cute but for the everyday girl perhaps not! Anyway, I’m longing to know what you all think when I release everything and if you’re going to the Clothes Show Live then you can tell me in person!

After the photo shoot I then wondered into Covent Garden as I needed to get some pretty Sass and Belle photo frames for my Clothes Show stand and whilst there I treated myself to a cupcake at Candy Cakes because I am absolutely obsessed with this place! It’s directly next door to Sass and Belle too so the temptation is overwhelming, and I’m weak I guess, haha. The interior is super cute and they always have paintings on the wall I want to take home. It’s also my birthday on Tuesday (27th) but because I am so busy preparing for the Clothes Show I won’t be doing anything to celebrate this year, so call this an early treat really! I must just add that Covent Garden is looking truly spectacular at the moment as it always does with such glorious Christmas decorations that always so tasteful and magical. The Christmas tree is simply stunning.

At the end of a lovely day Karl and I (my Marie Claire freebie Karl Lagerfeld tote bag of joy!) and my little Marilyn case made our way back home which ended up being the longest train journey ever and reminded me why I much prefer to drive! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend :).



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