Birthday Girl!

Hi all! So today is actually my birthday, but honestly it wasn’t until last night that I remembered as I had such an incredible time in Madrid a few weeks ago, that I saw that as my way of celebrating it!! Today also marks 10 days until I will be at the Clothes Show Live so cue massive amounts of stress and limited free time so I have really spent the day not doing much other than crafting away getting as much stock as I can for your lovely people who are going (and by the way, who will I be seeing this year?). It did dawn on me later this morning that I had to at least do something a bit different to mark the occassion so I got in my little car an went on a road trip down by the coast which is honestly one of my most favourite activities! I drive along the coast, park at the side and just sit and admire the view. When I have time, and I regularly used to, I would sit and paint for hours but as time is a teeny bit precious these days I took some photos instead, I just wish I was a good photographer because you could have a field day with the beauty that can be captured!

On the way back I got a sugar craving, so I stopped off at one of my favourite places called Lullubelle's and treated myself, friends and family to six cupcakes and some handmade meringues which are all lush beyond belief. I then pottered back home, did more crafting and was treated to one of my favourite meals of all time which is Apricot chicken from The Healthy Skin Diet I bang on about constantly, I know (but it’s fabulous!) and was treated to such gorgeous things and I’m feeling incredibly blessed and thankful tonight. Last year my birthday was very…dramatic. My health wasn’t perfect and I collapsed at my birthday meal out and I was the driver, it was just…yeah, no words, so this year I was a little anxious about not doing too, too much as I don’t want to go through that again!!

I wanted to end this post with a huge gigantic thank you for all your wonderful kind messages throughout the day. I read every single one and they have made my heart feel all fuzzy and warm you really are the loveliest bunch! As a thank you, today, and today only if you use BIRTHDAY2012 at the checkout of my shop, you will get 25% off your order. Otherwise, I wish I could all send you a massive hug <3 .="." p="p">

Love and best wishes,



  1. Glad your day was nice and relaxing! I am going to The Clothes Show this year for the first ever time, it will be nice to see a friendly face and pick up some lovely glittery goodies of course! x

    1. Awww yay, so glad you're going. What day, do you know? xoxo

  2. Happy birthday again sweetie pie :-) xx

  3. You are the lovliest!!! Im so glad you had such a lovely day, you deserve it. The little cupcakes look lovely too xxxx


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