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Hi lovely people! I hope you’re well. I was doing so, so well with my blogging at the start of the month but I then had a flu jab and ever since I have felt, well, flu like! What a fail eh. Anyway, lost time to catch up on! One of such things was my latest collection for my shop. I actually shot this collection in my back garden at the end of last month and it was such a lovely chilled out day.
If I could sum up the main inspiration it would probably be Baroque as I'm all over Dolce & Gabbana A/W collection this season, as you all probably knew already from my Office tapestry shoe post here! I have tried to channel that into this collection so that's why I, like the magpie I am, searched high and low, to find luscious lace trims and bejewelled beauties to make you feel like you're swanning around in 17th century Rome, Italy. Well, you can rock it anywhere you want, but that's my creative brain working a little crazy ;).
I would absolutely love to know what you guys like the most as you know, it’s for you lot to wear, so I am always so conscious to know what your favourite things are! In a few weeks I am off to the Clothes Show Live and oh gosh, so much still to be done but I’m so excited to hopefully mean some of you there? If you’re going let me know, it’s set to be a good year!
Anyway the collection will be available to buy asap, but you can check out all the pieces here.
I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have some serious love going on right now! x

  2. I love the butterfly headband it is so cute! I'm going to the Clothes Show, will hopefully be buying a few of your pieces :) x


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