Music Monday: Lola Blanc

So when I first joined Twitter back in 2008 (boy that’s crazy long ago now, right?!) there used to be a hash-tag kind of thing called ‘music Monday’ which was kind of like #FF (Friday follow) but with just music you loved etc. Well I loved this feature and for months and months now I’ve questioned whether to do something similar on my blog. I get quite a few comments on my Youtube videos about the music I use and how I find out about the artists and that kind of thing. To be honest, I don’t consider to be very into music whatsoever which is ironic considering I am technically a ‘muso’ ish because I’ve studied music all my life, and I spend three years doing a music degree but oh gosh, massive mistake that was! Anyway, I have the most random of music tastes but I guess if I had to sum it up in a word it would have to be: melodic! Anything with a strong, compelling melody and I’m there!

Today I’m going to start off this little feature talking about the lovely Lola Blanc, an American (but born in Germany) singer, actress and model. Want a random fact about Lola? She spent much of her childhood performing as a ventriloquist. I love stuff like this!! She now resides in the city of dreams Los Angeles, California, working with top producers and has featured in the LMFAO ‘Sexy and I know It’ (*shudders*) video and has provided backing vocals for Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Most recently she is the voice and girl behind Lime Crime Make Up's recent collection called, ‘Alchemy’, where she performs her cover of ‘Love Potion No.9’. I absolutely loooove this song, the make up look and the videography is simply stunning. I would love to see the whole song recorded to the video as I think it’s perfection. If you’re looking for a song to get you into the Halloween spirit than look no further than this. From the eery high pitched wail throughout to the exaggerated syncopated beat to Lola’s sultry vocal, I just love it! You can listen to the song above in the video above and you can download the song from here.

I hope you enjoyed the first post in this mini series, I’m not sure if it will be every single Monday, but if I have something worth sharing I will be sure to share it with you all! Before I end this post I just wanted to send my love and thoughts to everyone on the East Coast of the USA with the awful Sandy hurricane. Please stay safe ♥.



  1. hiya
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    wendy xoxo

  2. She's amazing. I agree with your description of the song, and Lola is a magical doll indeed. This is a great feature choice for Halloween, and the video is stunning indeed. Kudos!

    1. Awww thank you Gingerbread, so glad you like her. Your description of her as a magical doll is so beautiful, and so true!



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