Louise Gray for Topshop Make Up Collection

004019 This probably makes the blogger hall of fame for being so late with a collection post! Ahhh, I’m so sorry to be posting this so late as I’m guessing everything has sold out now. Anyway, if it hasn’t then hurrah as this collection is just utterly fabulous. Topshop have teamed up with British born designer Louise Gray to create this twelve-piece make up collection, which emphasises her love for colour and texture. Louise herself has been supported massively by Topshop, due to their NEWGEN scheme and the collection so reminds me of something that MAC Cosmetics would do, and yet that’s where the comparison ends because I just adore the Topshop make up line, and it truly holds its own.
But overall this collection really is just lovely but be warned this is not for the natural girl! Louise is a glitter fiend and this is definitely obvious from the products I’m going to talk about! In fact, there are even little glitter pots!

Nail Polishes
Pinch Punch
017013 Pinch Punch indeed! This glittery pinky- gold surely packs one helluva punch! Imagine a fruity punch at a party and this is it! I think I love this more than Junk Yard now as the glitter is so easily buildable, and it looks so beautiful over a pale pink or even something more dynamic. I’m wearing it over OPI’s ‘Got A Date To Knight’, a peachy baby pink and it’s really pretty. I’m never going to tire of this polish! I just love how the chunks of glitter are all different sizes too which gives it much more of a distinct edge with a beauty market saturated with glitter nail polishes. The above post is with 2 coats.

Junk Yard
053039 I’ve talked about this so much lately! I just want to mention from the off that I only have 1 coat of this on in the photo above because I’ve literally just finished taking photos for this post and the lighting is awful. I normally wear about 2 coats and it’s super glittery! I think I prefer Pinch Punch at the moment, but over a darker, brighter blue, or with more coats over the above it really is lovely. In case you’re wondering, the blue polish underneath is Nubar's 'Baby Blue'.


021PicMonkey Collage2First off the packaging is absolutely LUSH for the lipsticks, lush, lush, lush! Can Topshop pretty please always have this? Even the box with the little stripes and stars on is adorable. This shade called ‘Legend’ is very similar to ‘Brighton Rock’ by Topshop. When you open it from the little box you think good grief, what an intense looking pink so that’s either a good thing or a bad thing I guess! I think part of me, as a massive bright lipstick lover, would have preferred it to be a bit brighter but I adore neon-bright pinks which is what this is. Like all Topshop lipsticks it is very velvety and moisturising so I do think that adds to the reason why it is a teeny bit sheer in comparison to the lipstick itself. If you love ‘Brighton Rock’ you don’t need this (umm, note to self!) but it’s a very flattering suits all bright pink, in a super cute tube as well!

Mexican Wave
026PicMonkey Collage1 Again, do you own ‘Infrared’ by Topshop? In which case very similar and you may want to skip! Having said that I think this is a lot sheerer so I enjoy wearing it more than Infrared I think, just because it’s not as in your face! Again a velvet texture that all Topshop lipsticks have so you get the moisturising benefits. This colour is very Louise Gray, and the one she wears for the promo photos, so get it if you want a real signature piece from the collection!

So there you have in a nutshell my thoughts on the new collection. It’s been out since late August, so you know, only a teeny bit late ;). Overall, the glitter polishes are just gorgeous and I’d highly recommend them, whereas the lipsticks are lovely to have if you don’t already own their Topshop dupes, and if you don’t, they are very nice to have!

I’ve actually just been onto the Topshop website and a lot of the collection is still available and not sold out just yet so click here to have a little look for yourself. Has anyone purchased anything from this collection? Let me know your thoughts as usual :).



  1. Oh my wow, love everything here. No lie, I must have it! I especially love the nail varnish, looks so pretty c: And the first lipstick shade looks so great. I definitely will be adding this to my wishlist so thank-you for sharing c:


    1. Aww you're welcome, I would highly recommend the polishes too :) xoxo

  2. the Legend lipstick seems like just the right kind of pink for me, i'm likely to shy away from a full on neon lip, but still want a hit of colour. I'm glad it's nice i might give it a try :) x

    1. I think you will love Legend then, it's actually super flattering :) xoxo

  3. Those polishes look absolutely amazing! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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