A Day In The Life….

0081033103610121Hi lovelies! Oh gosh, remember me? It’s shocking how abysmal at blogging I have become lately. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly,  my shop is kind of my life (nope, actually is my life!) which is just wonderful, but running your own business is a 24 hour job! On Sunday I had one of my latest photo shoots for Autumn/Winter 2012. Everything from huge gothic floral crowns to autumnal butterfly pieces. It was such a lovely day per usual working with such talents and I cannot wait to see the final images which I will of course share with you all when they are released. We actually shot this look book in my garden because I am ridiculously lucky that it is landscaped to look a little like an enchanted wonderland or something! For this reason it was so chilled out and peaceful as normally I shoot on locations which is prone to a few strange people wanting in on the photos! haha.

So photo shoots aside and working on my shop I actually haven’t done much at all as I have had such strange illnesses. I had a terrible week of non-stop nose bleeds and so sadly I had to missed the Bournemouth Bloggers Meet up. Oh gosh, absolutely GUTTED I was!!! I have waited 4 years now for a bloggers meet in the south but alas with the problems I had, I was unable to make it. Very, very disappointed and I do hope all of those who went had a fantastic time.

Phew, so that’s my little round up post finished. I miss regular blogging so much I fear I am well and truly out the loop! I think one major stumbling block is the work load I have, but I think in the new year for sure I will develop a more regular pattern and I so, so look forward to making more DIY videos and stuff like that. I adore making my little videos and blogging, so thank you for your constant support and well wishes, it really means the world to me ♥.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. These photos are absolutely stunning-how nice is the gothic floral crown!! xo

  2. LOVE THE GOTHIC FLORAL CROWN!! When will it be in shop? xx

    1. Awww thank you so, so much sistermidnight! It will be available next week, I will blog when the collection goes up :) xoxo


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