Shop Swap: Jewellery by Jaymie

005021031035045You all know I love unique jewellery brands more than anything, so I was delighted to be contacted a few months ago by the very sweet Jaymie about a genius little series she created for her blog called ‘shop swap’. The idea is that she exchanges her handmade creations for other indie brand’s creations, and we then post her creations on our blogs, and vice versa! I think I have made that sound so complex but I’m  simply awful at explaining things!! Regardless, it’s a wonderful, wonderful idea that Jaymie created and one that I champion so much as in the handmade world, it’s all about spreading the word!

So I sent Jaymie a few of my hair accessories from my shop, and in return she sent me the above absolute gems. And wow, they are simply, simply beautiful! Jaymie is ridiculously talented. What makes her pieces so very unique and so special is that Jaymie illustrates each and every design by hand, which is then secured onto a lovely light chain. The saying every piece is different couldn’t be truer in this case. Jaymie is such a very, very talented illustrator and her drawings are just stunning. If you wanted a custom drawing then I’m sure she would love to create something really special for you.

I was kindly sent a sweet magical glittery Unicorn necklace with the sweetest rosy heart cheeks and mystical turquoise green glitter. I was also sent a Marilyn Monroe and a Audrey Hepburn design. I can be very picky with jewellery of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn as sometimes they are done very tastefully but these designs are just perfection, and Jaymie has captured their look so perfectly. I think Marilyn’s delicate heart cheeks are a really sweet and flirty touch.

So I officially love Jaymie’s pieces and I can’t thank her enough for gifting me with such gorgeous items as I know how much effort and time goes into handmade creations and I’m so thankful she contacted me to be apart of this. If you would like to check out Jewellery by Jaymie for yourself then skip along to her website here and don’t forget to like her Facebook page here. There are literally a million styles Jaymie carries from the Wizard of Oz to Blondie to even Twiggy, there’s just too many to pick from!

Oooh and as Jaymie is on holiday her shop will re-open on 3rd October, but you can still purchase items and if you see anything that takes your fancy ‘CALIFORNIA’ will get you 10% off. Most of the necklaces are £12 so it’s a fabulously priced range.

I would love to know what items are your favourites!



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