All That Glitters Hair and Topshop Louise Gray Make Up Giveaway

023Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a very restful Sunday. I’m actually typing this out on Saturday as I’m longing to get more organised with my blogging because as I addressed in my August favourites post I feel like I’ve become the biggest slacker on my blog lately and I really miss it.

In attempt to thank you all so very, very much for your patience and understanding I’m holding a little giveaway on my Facebook page. The giveaway has a glitter theme to it, so I thought the new Louise Gray Topshop make up collection would also blend in so perfectly! I picked up the gorgeous blue glitter polish I mentioned in my favourites post, called ‘Junk Yard’ as well as the pinky shade ‘Pink Punch’, hot pink ‘Legend lipstick’ and a Louise Gray mirror too. In addition, you will of course win a glitter heart headband of your colour choice, and the same goes for the glitter bow.

To enter this little giveaway all you need to do is click here and ‘like’ my Facebook page. This is the only compulsory entry, but if you follow my Twitter and other bits and bobs the entries will soon clock up which means more chance for you to end up with the glittery goodness above! I have never, ever used Rafflecopter before for a giveaway but apparently you’re not meant to hold giveaways on the actual Facebook page so this has been suggested to me, so let’s see how it goes!

So in case you want to skip the above, the link is here to enter the giveaway. Good luck and as ever, I wish I could thank you all in person, so I hope this makes up for it! Have a lovely Sunday ♥



  1. Have entered :) Beautiful prizes! xx

  2. I entered and did all of the above apart from sharing on facebook. Added you in instagram a ilovemickeymoo
    great giveaway hun :)


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