Sugarhill Boutique A/W 12 Wish List

All images are from the Sugarhill website

You all know from my last blog post that I am ridiculously in love the lovely little clothing brand that is Sugarhill Boutique. I love, love, love, LOVE their designs. Some of you may have noticed that I’m rarely seen in anything other than a dress, and the Sugarhill prints are so unique, sweet and playful. I cannot get enough of their latest A/W range. Yes, it’s that’s time of year again where everyone is lusting over new autumn, winter clothing collections! To be honest, with the summer the UK has had this year, a lot of these pieces are very trans-seasonal.

The reason I wanted to do this little wish list post is because I’ve just noticed on the homepage that if you spend over £50 in a transaction online you get a free adorable tote bag with little dice on to celebrate their new Vegas collection, I’m guessing! I have the same tote bag from a similar offer they did months ago and I use mine all the time for food shopping and little bits and bobs. You can carry it around in your handbag really easily. The problem is I have way too many favourite to pick from, and above is the first 6 that I found in the ‘new in’ section!! If I had to pick one thing I think it would be the brown bunny dress, eeee it’s just so, so adorable and very me!! The fox collection is also lovely. Ahh, just too much generally!

Are you a Sugarhill fan? I would love to know what you are all lusting after this autumn/winter season!



  1. Aww I love the rocking horse print its adorable! X

  2. I'm really glad to see they have a lot of stuff up to a size 16 now, I might be able to fit into something! I love the playing card print dress.


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