NOTD: OPI ‘Shorts Story’

002003008On my recent little trip away I was at a very small airport that didn’t have quite as much excitement going on. My flight was of course delayed so my Mum and I had a little nosey at the mini OPI stand which has always surprised me they even have. Now my Mum  isn’t really in to beauty in a massive way apart from just the one polish etc kind of thing, so I tempted her into sharing this pink shade with me so she can see how versatile the shade of pink is, and it doesn’t always have to be super pale! This is what I would describe as the ultimate bubblegum, girly pink and I absolutely love it, as does she when I did her nails for her. To be honest I haven’t looked at OPI for ages until this point, but as I now know they are still cruelty free, which I blogged a little while ago, I’m definitely getting my obsession back fast!

In real life this is a lot more bubblegum-my I promise, my camera just needs new batteries! Actually, it has just dawned on me I am wearing this colour in my outfit post from yesterday, and that photo is a lot more colour accurate I think so skip along here to check that out. I would love to know what you think. Let me know your favourite OPI shades, or any other brands you’re loving at the moment ♥



  1. That nail polish is so prettyy

  2. This colour is gorgeous! :) I'll have to look out for this when I'm next near an OPI stand xx

  3. Beautiful colour, love that colour pink.

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

    1. I know it's like the perfect bubblegum pink :) xoxo


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