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Evening (insert your time zone here!) all! I’m so ridiculously excited in a few hours to unveil my new hair jewellery collection which you will be able to shop here, but until then I wanted to take a moment to share with you an equally important part of the collection. Meet my red headed collection of beauties drawn so perfectly by Malia from Deep Fried Freckles. You’ve probably spotted Malia’s work around the blogosphere recently as her drawings of your favourite bloggers are so spot on, and her serious skills are in much demand!

I contacted Malia a little while ago to ask whether she would be so kind to create some redheaded girlies (incidentally Malia adores drawing red heads!) to be the ‘girl’ of my brand. I now have a collection of three gorgeous, different styles! The first illustration (ironically at the bottom of the page!) is me to a T quite literally with long flowing red hair and a peter pan collar with a little glitter bow in her hair. She is the quirky but cute girl. She then drew me the signature girl to my brand: my pin up redheaded 1950s meet modern age beauty. Malia is so clever to not only have painted a glitter bow for her, but also, that there is my very top! You will see this girl everywhere! She perfectly epitomises everything about me and my designs.

Finally, when launching my latest collection I had the difficult task of working out how best to arrange the products. I thought it would be a sweet idea to have a boho girl (just like my model) with nothing in her hair and I could then arrange the accessories on top.

I couldn’t recommend Malia more,  she’s so lovely to work it, is super quick at coming up with her designs, and if you wanted to make a few tweaks here and there it’s no trouble for her at all. Please support Malia’s wonderful, wonderful work by following her blog here, and if you fancy having a little illustration done of yourself for a blog header or whatever it may be, you now know the girl to go to :).

I’d love to know actually which girl you prefer?



  1. WOW i love those pictures how amazingly talented i would love for someone to draw me to go on my blog header... I prefer the first image

    1. So glad you like her work, definitely ask her for a blog header illustration :) xoxo

  2. Her work is just incredible, so good!


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