Favourites: August 2012

I feel like autumn is literally around the corner now, in fact, I’m embracing it so bye-bye August, here’s what I have been loving! And ahhh, just realised I haven’t done a favourites post for months and months. Shameful. In fact I know I’ve slacked massively on my blog in the last few months. It makes me so sad as this has always been such a lovely hobby for me, but I’m just dreadful at time management, and I just need to figure out a way to be more organised as I miss blogging so, so much. Anyway rambling alert, on we go!

0461. Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in ‘Currant’

My Mum is a massive Clinque fan so she often gets those little promotional goody bags they occasionally do where you get free mini samples complete with a lovely bag of some sort. If something is not suitable for her colour wise she hands it over to me because she knows I’m a colour chameleon and will give anything a go! This is Clinique’s moisturising glosses, and moisturising they are indeed! I’m a massive, massive fan of this gloss because it stays on ages, leaves your lips really nourished and the berry currant is fantastic worn alone, over a red lipstick or even over a deeper cherry shade.

0472. The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm

I normally only swear by my beloved LUSH ‘Whipstick’ lip balm, but one area it falls down on slightly is that it’s not overly hygienic. You know sometimes you have to be a bit careful with pots of lip balm as they can easily become a bit of a health hazard (yum, germy lips anyone? Hmm, yep!)  so I saw this lip balm in an Body Shop outlet and it just lured me in really with its glorious pop art esque packaging and sweet strawberry, almost chewing gum-y scent. It’s not as moisturing for me as ‘Whipstick’ but it’s just so handy to keep in my handbag and apply on the go and it has a slight pink tint too. Oh, and it’s only £3! You can read more here.

0483. MAC Pretty Baby Beauty Powder

Please excuse the slightly battered packaging for this, but at least you can all see how loved it is! I shamefully still haven’t used this all up, and the Hello Kitty and MAC collection was released in what, 2009 now? Geez! Anyway, it’s a soft pretty pink beauty powder which to be honest is a posh word for blush really! I really love it for everyday wear, and I force myself to be sparing with it because I love it ever so! Unfortunately I have worn away Hello Kitty’s face though inside!

0534. Topshop Louise Gray for Topshop ‘Junk Yard’ Nail Polish

This is SUCH a gorgeous nail polish. I plan to do a whole post dedicated to the Louise Gray collection for Topshop as it just deserves it to be honest, but I already highly recommend this lush, almost peacock blue esque glitter ball shade. So precious!

0545. LUSH American Cream Hair Conditioner

This kind of of breaks my SLS free hair care routine but I only use just the teeniest amount because this is one of my favourite scents in the world! It’s literally a vanilla strawberry and cream scented hair conditioner that’s literally so lush! I’ve been using this conditioner for way over 7 years now in some way. I don’t like to use loads, because like I said, it has a bit of SLS in, but I kind of become a hypocrite I’m afraid (sowwwwwy!) and just condition the very ends of my hair with it just so I get the gorgeous, gorgeous scent. You can read more about this beaut here.

0556. 17 Cosmetics Blow Out Volumise, Sculpt, Tease Mascara

I’ve not had much experience with 17 mascaras but I was totally sold into this when I needed a new mascara as to be honest, I’m  a sucker for anything which will condition with Argan Oil and Vitamin e. I kind of love and dislike this at the same time. I don’t like the big brush, but then I don’t like big brushed mascaras full stop, however I love that when you find a way to work with it, it does give you a very volumised look and most importantly no clumping or brittle lashes in sight. I feel like it really does condition my lashes, so loving it for that, I just wish it had a smaller brush as it’s quite a ‘wet’ mascara too so I think it would smudge less in general without the humongous brush!

0567. Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Not only have I become a blogging slacker, I’ve also somehow managed to get into a make up slacker too! I’ve literally worn nothing else other than the contents of the Naked palette. When it first came out I did really like it, but as time went on I thought some of the finishes were just too metallic-y on me, but actually, it has kind of grown on my colouring now! I tend to wear Virgin in the inner corner, Sin on the lid, and a mixture between Naked and Sidecar in the crease. Such a no-think about look and takes 5 minutes!

0528. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume

I’ve always loved Taylor’s Swift style so I was always intrigued what her perfume would smell like. I haven’t gone out and purchased a full bottle yet because I don’t like having too many perfumes on the go as they all go a bit funny to me, but I’m definitely, definitely going to get this when I have finished some of my other ones. Personally, I find it very similar to Britney Spear’s ‘Fantasy’ fragrance, as it has that sweet vanilla, deep fruity musky notes. It also reminds me in style and scent to Hilary Duff’s ‘With Love’ fragrance. Does anyone remember that one? I adored it so, so much, and can’t seem to find it now :(.

0179. The Body Shop The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

I’ve actually not long ago posted a review for this, so if you fancy reading more about it do click here but basically I love it because it really does mattify your skin perfectly, and my t-zone can get terribly oily despite being very sensitive, so it’s good for all skin types, I think.

10. Jenny Owen Youngs- Here is a Heart

I woke up really spontaneously one Saturday and all that was on TV was this programme called ‘Life Unexpected’. I think it’s somehow linked to the infamous ‘One Tree Hill’ but anyway, this song was playing over one of those ‘look serious and reflective’ montages, and I googled the words and this beaut of a song came up. I’ve now listened to a ton of her stuff, and she’s insanely good. You can learn more about the lovely Jenny here and here some more of her songs.

And that’s me done! So tell me what you’ve loved in August!



  1. I definitely need to check out the Louise Grey for topshop collection, and the tea tree pore minimiser sounds great too! :) x

    1. Oh yes the whole collection is fabulous :) xoxo

  2. I sooo need the Louise Grey collectio! That nail varnish looks so pretty!

    The 17 mascara sounds like one I'd like as I love massive chunky brushes though! xx

  3. That Topshop polish looks to die for! xx

  4. Love the Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss, it's brilliant xx

  5. i want to try the cliniwue superbalm! it look lovely!


  6. I may have to put the lush conditioner on my Christmas list!

    Get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  7. The nail polish looks gorgeous xx


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